When asked about your thoughts on the future, you’re likely to say that you are concerned about having enough money, worried about getting or keeping a job, and thinking that starting your own business one day is cold.

  • I’m willing to wager that despite being born in an age of technology, you are still more interested in human interactions than purely online connections, even though they are a big part of your life. 
  • As a young person, you have no illusions of a career in a cushy corporate job. You’re called a Millennial if you were born after 1979 (don’t you love labels – eh?), and you proudly blur the line between passion-projects, home, work, and colleagues.
  • Jobs with formal boundaries between the many social dimensions of your life tend to turn you off.

I’m a Baby Boomer and hold the same views as Millennials.

  • For you, it’s all about finding a work-life-blend of your values, interests and passion.
  • You likely think that achieving a work-life balance is a fleeting concept given today’s crazy demands. Just look at your parents, and you’ll see they sucked at work-life balance (respectfully).
  • You hope to show the world that it is possible to blur and successfully achieve an appropriate blend between your professional work and passions.
  • For sure, you thrive better when you’re given real-time feedback on your progress, goals, the impact you’re having on others.
  • You desire more creative self-employment yet fear that flying solo requires finding a way to pay this month’s bills. You’d likely be willing to forfeit a small portion of your salary in exchange for a more flexible work schedule. 

“Over the years I’ve collaborated as a National Cause Driven Project Manager co-creating internship programs across Canada. Together we’ve served thousands of interns and their mentors. In all of this I’ve discovered that your FRIENDS and PURPOSE are what you want most from your work” Dan Trepanier.

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TOPIC: BOREOUT – Young People Have No Illusions of a Comfy Corporate Job [ST-M2]​



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