Why It's OK To Talk About LGBTQ Open Relationships

Silence is a type of breakup. So, let's stay together and talk about open relationships, whether we choose to be in one or not.

What is more important in love– to be happy and free (and to let others be happy and free) or follow conventions?

Even though you probably chose the first option, it seems like freedom in open relationships provokes a plethora of taboos in the LGBTQ community.

Living and working on your terms includes debunking the myths society holds about open relationships. 

The taboos associated with alternative approaches to love can discourage people interested in exploring different ways live life on their terms – and the terms of those near and dear to them.

Monogamy is rare in animals. Only about 3-5% of them practice lifelong monogamy.

In humans, it's only slightly more common. If you look at pre-industrial cultures, which until about 50 years ago meant most of the cultures on earth, 80% practiced some sort of non-monogamy.

Do not fixate on broad generalizations about what makes your relationship work or not. One thing is for sure. There are pros and cons to both sides of the argument.

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Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach , Why It's OK To Talk About LGBTQ Open Relationships [RA-PA]