Change is the closest thing we have to a time-travel machine or teleport. It takes us to the future and helps us transition from one place to another. Change is necessary. Change is inspirational. What’s calling you to make a change? Are you ready to go into the unknown?

When the unknown is calling you, answer the call. Don’t hang up. Start the conversation and talk with yourself about what matters to you.

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach, Journal About What's Calling You To Make A Change

Life is a lot more inspiring when we focus our energy on endeavours we care about.

  • I want you to think about a journey of your own. What’s the new project or idea you want to launch–even if it’s just a hunch at this stage? Journal About What’s Calling You To Make A Change
  • Perhaps you have an existing initiative that needs a new twist or takes it to the next level?
  • Do you want to be connected to a like-minded collaborator who can support you in making that necessary shift?

I’m not suggesting you quit your job tomorrow or drop everything to travel the world as a missionary (although other people have).

Don’t just gleam over the above question. Read it a few times and imagine the incredible potential and opportunities you are capable of experiencing!

A Story

I genuinely enjoy researching self-help, inspiration and advice books that have supported me along an ever-shifting path to living life on my terms. 

As soon as I think I’ve nailed the process and arrived at my destination, I realize that the journey IS the destination. 

In reality, it’s taken me 50 years to confidently say that, for the most part, I am living life on my terms. But make no mistake, cravings and aversions, pain and pleasure are all necessary parts of the process.

For instance, in May 2014, the initiative I had passionately led for years had come to a painful end because of program funding cuts. Despite leading one of the largest and most successful cause-driven national programs in Canada, it was all over! I had collaborated with hundreds of people and managed over 130 million dollars in program funding resources over several decades. 

Suddenly at 53 years of age, the universe was forcing a significant life shift upon me.

Is this all part of a predetermined karmic universal shift I was destined to take? On some level, I knew that years from now, I would look back and feel this was yet another beautiful example of my spirit having yet another human experience.

On the upside, I was well-positioned, emotionally, financially, and skill-wise, to support another significant life transition phase. 

Armed with a right severance package, no debt, tons of inspiration, I chose to invest the first six months of my new journey living and ‘creating new career and lifestyle insights’ on my 30′ Sailboat based at the Toronto Island Marina.

I’ve been there and know what it takes to launch an idea or project that is near and dear to one’s heart. I know what it’s like to lose it all and start all over again on another idea!

By September 2014, my 54th birthday month, it dawned on me that for years I had been successfully carving this serene lifestyle for myself already.

Oh, sure, I still hear comments (or voices in my head) like; Get a real job before your investments dwindle to nothing. How will you make enough money to pay your bills living/working on a sailboat six months of the year? 

Grow up! —- all healthy thoughts as I catch myself having brief lucid moments of doubt.

But then I get all logical and recall countless examples of inspired people doing what matters to pursue their passions sustainably.

I recently have re-read Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s book ‘INSPIRATION, YOUR ULTIMATE CALLING (Hayhouse), and his insights give me high strength to maintain an authentic, inspired perspective on life. I highly recommend his book.


My story ends here but to be continued.– What’s your story?