We are the sum of our experiences. Our experiences shape us, define us, and help us mature.

If you want to learn from your experiences, but you don't know what exactly you can do, then keep reading this article to find out.

These simple tips can be applied by anyone every single day.

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach, What You Need To Do In Order To Learn From Your Experiences

How to Learn from Your Experiences

  1. Apply the Theory that You Already Know
  2. Failure Shouldn’t Discourage You
  3. Knowing the Difference between Being Efficient and Effective
  4. Make Time for Yourself
  5. Admit Your Mistakes


My Commitment to You

Life is a roller coaster of experiences. You never know what you’ll encounter when you reach the next curve.


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1) Apply the Theory that You Already Know

We do things: We first research a little bit of theory about the topic we’re interested in and then apply what we’ve learned. Or at least that’s the way we should do it. Even though learning the theory is not mandatory in some cases, you cannot learn from your life if you don’t experience certain things.

Don’t be afraid to do just that.

2) Failure Shouldn’t Discourage You

I have met many people who are scared of trying to do things because they don’t want to fail.

This is hardly news, but the truth is you HAVE to fail to achieve success. Most of the time, failure will help you learn from your experiences much more than success would.

The more failures you’ll experience in your life, the more chances you’ll succeed in big time. Is finding a trustworthy partner an issue for you? Don’t be discouraged. He could be just around the corner.

3) Knowing the Difference between Being Efficient and Effective

If someone is efficient, that doesn’t mean their actions are useful as well. Let me give you a quick example here.

  • You are an efficient person if you can complete a task in a short amount of time. This means that you’re someone who can easily find solutions, efficiently manage your time, and be productive.
  • You are a practical person if you have outstanding results. A great example here is a salesperson. They’re useful if they manage to make plenty of sales daily and even exceed their targets.
  • The difference between these two is that if you are efficient, that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily do a good job. Quick fixes are not always the answer.
  • Effectiveness is desired when the task you need to complete will have a long-term impact.
  • If you want to learn from your experiences, you need to identify and analyze the situations in which you’ve been efficient or effective. Then, figure out how to combine both of them for maximum results.

4) Make Time for Yourself

Nowadays, we rarely find or make time for ourselves. Moreover, we seldom relax our minds. Millions of thoughts are galloping through our minds every minute, and it seems there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

Taking time for yourself is crucial because it allows you to figure out what matters to you at a certain point. At the same time, how else you’re going to evaluate the experiences you’ve already gone through?

The relationships you’ve been in, the people you’ve met – they all impacted who you are today. You can even compare where you are right now to where you were a year ago. This alone can reveal so much about what you’ve learned so far and about the path you’ve taken.

5) Admit Your Mistakes

Mistakes make us human. We’re not perfect, nor will we ever be. Whether we’ve made a mistake that involves another person, or it only affects us, we need to acknowledge it. Even though we don’t necessarily need to admit it to other people, we should be sincere in our hearts. Only then we’ll be able to learn and grow as human beings.