Do what matters to LIVE, LOVE, LEARN, a PROUD life on your terms and those near and dear to your authentic self. 

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Mentor Coach , What Does Living On My Terms Mean? [RA-ES]

What does living on YOUR terms mean for you? 

Don’t think too hard or get caught up in the operational details of how to do things. 

For instance, if you said;  “I want to start my own business and live in a different city,” don’t worry (at this stage) about what type of business, how you will run your business, overcome obstacles, when will you live or how you will pay for things? 

Living life on your terms is synonymous with achieving happiness as defined by you!

Do your terms include the ability to secure enough income, usually in a non-traditional manner that aligns with your values, hopes and personal aspirations. – How you spend and earn your energy, time and money.

In contrast, you could end up living life on someone else’s terms, which would make you an accessory to their goals and aspirations — be they personal or business. 

  • A word of caution; This is not about quitting your job or starting a business tomorrow. The Gig Economy isn’t for everyone. It is conceivable to be employed within an organization and live life on your terms. Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Sadly some entrepreneurs are miserable!
  • If you have a partner, I recommend both of you complete these exercises independently and then compare answers. Both sets of results could present challenges or opportunities for your relationship, especially if you both come up with different solutions. If one spouse wants to stay home, raise children and take night courses while the other wants live down south for the winter, then the two of you had better start communicating on the potential impact of having divergent goals.

You are not selfish; you’re fair to yourself and those you love dearly.

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TOPIC: What Does Living On My Terms Mean? [ES-M3]



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