We Collaborated and offered; 

  • Educational Content & Tools
  • Facilitated Learning
  • Mobilization & Collaboration
  • Technology Solutions & User Adoption
  • Communities of Practice via Shared Leadership

Key Terms: Build, and they may come, user adoption, collaboration, shared leadership, knowledge production and transfer, community of practice, a network of network.

I led national programs and worked With;

Youth, Educators and Employers, Government, Community-Based Organizations, Creative People.


Back then, our objectives were;

 Discover new ways to communicate and share program information, specifically;

  • Help create a comprehensive knowledge-based program wiki.
  • Develop ongoing, work relationships with colleagues across Canada
  • Leverage opportunities and reduce duplication efforts.
  • Learn how to enhance program and participant outcomes
  • Overcome program delivery obstacles
  • Build local capacity for other community initiatives


We collaborated because; 

  • No one provider can do everything well.
  • Program delivery needs to be integrated and is interdependent on other resources.
  • Shift happens, and change is exponential, which requires collaboration to ‘keep up.’
  • Learners need a leading-edge, accessible educational pathway to realize successful outcomes.
  • Some facilitators remain underqualified/un-credentialed in the role of group facilitation, assessments and counselling.


Let’s chat about what COLLABORATIONS mean to you…..


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