Listen To The Subtle & Important Messages The Universe Sends You!

Did you know that every day the universe sends you subtle messages that present opportunities for you to positively impact the lives of others around you and learn from those interactions?

The key is to be receptive to receiving messages as they are sent to you — look for them! Integrate into your daily practice the wise adage; “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

I, like so many other folks, suffer from writers’ block

So one day, I’m sitting at my computer screen ‘stuck.’ Then I stumble across this article and gain insight into the dynamic of writers’ block.

As I ponder the article (Aware of Writers Block, I get the urge to write about my learnings, and POOF….writers block gone (for now)!

The next day while at work, I find myself reflecting on my definition of success (and daydreaming. As I multitask at my desk, wondering ‘what the heck am I doing here’ and POOF, a colleague calls me to talk about a challenge she is facing.

A few hours later, she sends me this excellent feedback that triggers the inspiration for me to write another blog post and so on.. and so on.

What appears to be a mundane experience may be the universe sending you an important message? — to pursue, act, feel or think.

It is easy to perceive a colleague’s interruption as a distraction or any other mishap as an annoyance when, in fact, it’s likely the universe delivering you an important message — LISTEN and LOOK for it!

Now take a few moments to reflect on what I’ve just told you, and as you live through your day, pay special attention to everything that happens. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject and have you share your observations.

Keep Listening, 
Dan Trepanier