Overcoming procrastination is an ESSENTIAL SKILL to live life on your terms.

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach , The Pain - Pleasure of Procrastination

If you tend to postpone most things for tomorrow, then welcome to the pain and pleasure procrastination club.

It’s more satisfying to avoid the annoying task than to get on it. 

The illusion behind procrastination is that everything will be less uncomfortable tomorrow. 

Sure, when you procrastinate, you get instant gratification, but then do you fill with guilt, self-blame and anxiety or are your relationships negatively impacted.

Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away now it looks like delay a day, oh how I long for Yesterday. Suddenly, life is not as simple as it use to be.

Be mindful of the chain of procrastination

  1. Oh, here is this uncomfortable activity.
  2. I feel ambivalent. Should I do this activity, or should I avoid it?
  3. Whatever. I promise I will do it later after I finish this other thing.
  4. I will escape into this other activity and rest my brain there.

You move from one problem to the other, never solving the first one. You avoid deadlines until they slap you with self-inflicted stress. 

The Solution

Recognizing procrastination is not enough for a change, although it is essential for understanding the issue. As soon as you deconstruct your specific procrastination steps, the recipe is simple – do the opposite.

  1. Choose a specific activity you always avoid
  2. Identify which ideas, images, emotions and behaviours guide you through avoidance.
  3. Note negative expectations and wrongful convictions.
  4. Do the opposite. Confront yourself with the situations you are trying to avoid.
  5. Start your day with morning rituals.