Every learning stream on DanTrep allows members to subscribe to any number of email campaigns, which triggers a sequence of personalized (pre-written) emails over time.

These emails help you focus on a topic for the week and maintain momentum. Broadcasts are about five days apart, after an initial first-week flurry of up to three.

There are over twelve (and growing) streams to explore on DanTrep. Do you want 12 actionable emails from me every week? Uhhh, I doubt it 🙂 Perhaps that’s too much to focus on at once. 

I would suggest you limit your subscriptions to no more than two or three streams at a time. Perhaps pick a new stream every month. After all, you have a lifetime (mine) of access to most DanTrep programs. Most campaigns run wrap-up after about 45 days. 

You can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time and as often as you wish. Re-subscribe starts the email sequence over again as opposed to where you left off last time. 

Subscriptions are reminder emails designed to point you to a particular post on the site: Usually, to watch a video, read a lesson, and journal something. They’re an optional bonus resource (highly recommended).

They’re also a personalized touchpoint between us. If you hit reply to any email, I’ll read it! 

You do NOT need to subscribe to a campaign to access your online content. Within every stream home page is an area for you to send private notes directly to Dan, check off your achieved objectives and track your progress. 

Any stream emails you receive are extra pointers based on your desired focus area in a given week or month. 

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach , Subscribe or Unsubscribe to a DanTrep Learning Stream Email Series.

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