I read somewhere that the average person begins to lose interest shortly after the first 100 words of a blog post.

Hmmm…so as I glean through my work, I’m thinking, “maybe I’ll put my best effort into the first 100 words only.” Am I not sure that’s a wise strategy? — What do you think?

I remember a time when we worked smart or hard – not both. These days you have to work both smart and hard. – Dan Trepanier

For some reason, I think I’m on 19 iterations of my post, and I’m still not satisfied with the result. Despite my struggles as a fledgling writer, I persist. My judgemental mind thinks it’s not very well-written despite the logical fact that I know someone WILL read my work, find value, and appreciate the lessons learned. 

So what do I do? I persist…I persist…I persist. – Dan Trepanier

The whole point here is that your mindset is really about getting a grip on your negative attitude. As I scroll through my work, I realize that a critical factor in my success is believing in myself and that it will somehow come together. It’s about an attitude of having the skills, knowing what to do, how to do it, and finally persisting and applying myself’ — Dan Trepanier. 

So this morning, I got up, and for the 19th time, I changed my article. It’s a struggle because impatience has me wondering; how much time do I spend to get a single blog post? Seriously, am I going to invest three days on a seven paragraph article?  – What do you think? 

I’ll work on it and give it my best shot, put it out there, attach a supporting video (the one below) and conclude that people will like it or they won’t. Either way, it won’t matter to me in 24 hours because I’ve given it my best shot; tomorrow is another day, I won’t please everyone. 

On the upside, my efforts to continually improve are paying off. Tomorrow is a new day, and I have no idea what wonderful learning experiences will evolve. Despite the ambiguity, I have faith that creativity and persistence will continue to serve me well. – What about you? 

I post these video clips because I think many people get value in understanding the creative process of producing something new. 

Ironically it’s the video clips that get the most comments, likes and shares. Is that because watching a 3-minute video clip is more comfortable and entertaining than reading a full post of text? 

That’s my story! Thanks for listening. 

Dan Trepanier

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TOPIC: Why – Sometimes It Takes 19 Blog Revisions – SMART and HARD [ST-M3]



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