Relationship Check-Up - Are Trust and Honesty Part of Your Relationship?

Gay couples have a much harder time being in a relationship than straight people do. That is mainly because society and discrimination put a lot of pressure on us.

You’re probably feeling the same way, especially when you start a new relationship because you never know how it will turn out.

With trust and honesty being an essential part of a healthy relationship, I thought that it deserved its article. Gay people deserve to be in a loving relationship, so don’t be afraid to show it or want it.

  • Do You Feel Safe and Comfortable with Your Significant Other?
  • Does Honesty Define Your Relationship?
  • Do You Trust Each Other?
  • Do You Take Risks?
  • Trust and Honesty Should Be the Foundation of Your Relationship

I’m interested in helping people figure out whether they’re in a healthy relationship or not. I believe that we all have the right to be in one and that we shouldn’t compromise when it comes to it.

Trust and honesty represent the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Do You Feel Safe and Comfortable with Your Significant Other?

Feeling comfortable when you’re in a relationship is not so common nowadays, I believe. Otherwise, we’d all be in healthy relationships. Being comfortable is all about trust. You need to trust your partner that he’s not going to judge you in any way and cares about you.

On the other hand, safety is that feeling you get when your partner wraps his arms around you tight. Or when you know that he’s going to protect you no matter what.

Does Honesty Define Your Relationship?

Some mistake being honest for telling everything to one and the other, which is wrong. Your significant other doesn’t need to know everything. Nevertheless, the things you say need to be genuine, and that’s a challenge most gay couples face when it comes to trust and honesty.

If you’re not feeling comfortable kissing him in public, tell him that. If you don’t, you’ll put a lot of pressure on you. That will probably accumulate negative energy over time.

Do You Trust Each Other?

Trust is a two-person job. If you trust your partner, you expect him to do the same thing as well. If trust is not on either side, a relationship cannot last for a very long time.

Sometimes, you have to work a little bit to build trust in a relationship. That is especially true if you or your partner are the kinds of people who don’t necessarily trust people so quickly, so it needs to be earned.

Do You Take Risks?

Naturally, gay couples tend to avoid taking risks or any action for that matter that will make them feel more vulnerable than they already are. The social pressure makes them cautious and not that open about the fact that they’re in a relationship. 

The vulnerability can occur even when you want to kiss your significant other on the street. Plenty of people may be looking at you or judging you, but that’s not a reason to not do it. These sorts of situations will make you feel afraid of being in a relationship and exposing yourself.

It’s OK to do it if it’s a discreet gesture that won’t appear too extravagant. After all, people may feel bothered by straight people kissing loudly in the subway or a pub.

Trust and Honesty Should Be the Foundation of Your Relationship