To LIVE LOVE and LEARN a proud life on your terms requires FOCUS and DISCIPLINE.

Develop the right mix of ESSENTIAL SKILLS by focusing on details such as HOW, Why, When

For instance, WHAT communication skills do I need to develop, WHY will I improve them, HOW will I achieve results, and WHEN will I start.

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach, Rate 14 Self-Determined Skills and Behaviours Da

  1. Increase confidence & self-esteem
  2. Learn transferable skills that can be used from job to job
  3. Learn to have a positive attitude toward work
  4. Learn how to market me effectively to potential employers
  5. Be more motivated to find a job or go into business for myself
  6. Be better equipped to decide on and plan my career
  7. Learn to work in teams with other people
  8. Be better equipped to set goals in work and personal life
  9. Be better at problem-solving and decision making
  10. Improve communication skills
  11. Be better equipped to plan and manage time, money and other resources
  12. Learn to recognize and respect other people’s diversity and individual differences
  13. Increase understanding of what is expected in a work situation
  14. Improve work habits.


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TOPIC: Rate Your 14 Self-Determined Skills and Behaviours and Behaviours [ES-M2]



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