Destiny Says You're at the ProudLife Stage You Should be at

Are YOU At The Stage In Your Life You Should Be At Given Your Destiny?

Take the time to stop comparing yourself to others because when you compare, you set yourself up for disappointment and believe that you’re somehow behind or not as successful as your neighbour.

Consider that destiny is telling you that you’re at the point you should be.

Let me elaborate

At 20, I was still living with my parents, wasting time with my friends, smoking pot, sitting around the pool all summer and working part-time while attending college. 

I was precisely in the developmentally appropriate place of life I should have been — as my life story was unfolding.

That 20 something context was no longer appropriate for me in my 30’s or beyond.

As I look back at every decade of my life, I would change very little, despite the growing pains and countless weird decisions I had a knack or making. Yes, hindsight is 20/20, but in retrospect, I’ve come to accept that my ups and downs, successes and failures have shaped my character to the authentic self-determined man I am today.

If A, B and C did not happen, I would not have reached D. — it’s as simple as that!

As of this writing, I am experiencing a beautiful September here in Toronto. I’ve just spent the last five months doing carpentry, and other upgrades work on my sailboat. I was ignoring my online world with no outstanding client commitments.

An uninformed observer could conclude I’m not succeeding at my business. — being a slacker. A wise person would say I’ve spent the last five months being exactly where I should be. — taking a well-deserved break from one project while passionately focusing on another.

Project one pays the bills while project two consumes all my money. — Sailboats are money pits for sure! But project B sets the stage to make money next year as I live, work and play from my sailboat and sublet my apartment to someone else — there both connected.

I would gladly spend my last dollar and breath tinkering on #Akiya. (my boat) Six months of the year!

If you and I had a conversation right now about your life, I’m reasonably confident in the end you would conclude that you were at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing – given your destiny.

Often, it’s more a matter of articulating your alignment and comparing it to your actions. Journaling helps you foster the self-awareness that your outcomes are directly or indirectly related to your intentions. 

You are what you manifest. Manifest love and you get respect. Seek drama, and you get drams.

One summer, I spent over $10,000 on upgrades to my sailboat and made ZERO from my business (yes, I said zero).

Thank god, my investments, no debt and wise financial planning, have done well to support my lifestyle.

Unless I shift my focus to new capital revenue generation activities, I’ll have a financial shortfall next summer. That’s what ZERO effort into my coaching practice gets me if I don’t come up with a practical solution soon. But am I worried — NO!  

Don’t get me wrong. When I have clients, I over-serve and strive to exceed expectations. When I don’t have clients — I’m okay as well.

Winding down my practice for the season gives me the time and freedom to take on new creative endeavours.

In late October, when I haul my boat out of the water, I will shift back to my writing and accept new clients. 

In December and January, I’ll be a relative guest at a Brazilian beach house, immersed in a new culture trying to write a book. I’ll be exactly where I should be and aligned with my higher purpose on a conscious level.

Ask not if what you are doing these days is the right thing, but rather ask if what you are doing is aligned with your higher purpose?

Do you even know what your higher purpose is? Most people don’t. I certainly didn’t for the first half of my life! If you do, then bravo!

Why do so many people aimlessly float going through the motions, reacting to whoever the universe throws at them?

It does not have to be this way. With increased self-awareness and skill development, you can shift from to-do lists and achievement to alignment with a higher purpose.

Mother destiny says you’re where you should be, so stop fighting her. 

  • It’s about getting rid of the noise in your life that tells you to do this. – the should have’s in your life.
  • It’s about being YOUR best self as YOU define best.
  • I am starting with small steps and learning to walk before I run. 
  • Let’s work together to refine YOUR process and experience your breakthroughs.
  • No hype or bullshitLet’s start with a simple series of conversations.