Non-Monogamy Advice

Here's a starting list of advice for Non-monogamy success! Add your comments to help add to the list!  Let's keep asking the question - Are Open Relationships Common or Taboo? 

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Communicate Openly & Honestly

  • Be Truthful/Honest
  • Trust (each other and the relationship)

Reassure & Appreciate

  • Respect partner and their differences
  • Learn to deal with Jealousy
  • Build Self-Esteem

Getting Support from a Coach, Therapist or Mentor

  • Setting Ground Rules
  • Practice  Moderation

Impact & Benefits of Non-Monogamy

  • Makes relationship more interesting
  • Meeting new people enriches what we bring to the relationship.
  • Forces us to be more honest.
  • Helps us be more willing and comfortable to talk about what's awkward
  • We have an adventure and join together in a new sense of playfulness.
  • Encourages us to talk about feelings, perspectives into our relationship.
  • Challenges trust, yet it helps us hone our sense of trust.
  • It helps us evolve.
  • Grows a sense of wanting to be together.
  • Increased communication muscles

MORE Benefits

  • Our relationship survives, thrives.
  • More honesty and openness to the relationship.
  • Both reassured about the relationship continuing.
  • Gained fuck buddies that become good friends.
  • Improved sex lives. "Practice makes better".
  • More sexually satisfied.
  • A sense of need for novelty is honoured.

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