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– Dan Trepanier


I have a 30-foot sailboat based at the Toronto Island Marina on Lake Ontario in Canada. ‘Akiya’ has been mine for over seven years, and she’s my number one bucket and passion list item.

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NEVER keep an empty bucket or passion list. It’s terrible luck tempting the angel of death to think you’ve arrived. 

It’s hard not to appreciate the boating life. Whether tied up at the dock, BBQ’ing on the water, anchored off an optional clothing beach with a special friend or sailing with a buddy into the sunset, YOU will not say no to a bliss-filled afternoon on the water. 

She’s almost a yacht; Technically, boats have to be at least 30 feet to qualify, and I’m half an inch shy. A few inches short is NOT the issue. My problem is at the other end – I’m a tad bigger than my slip, so I keep humping the dock. – Mind out of the gutter

You wouldn’t say no to spending an afternoon with me on Lake Ontario. Our on-water experience includes surrounded by natural beauty sipping frosty beverages – This is real-time passion and joy at its best. 

The whole Sailor Dan persona is an authentic part of my brand and my life. 

I love life and want to “kick it” well past my 90’s As I enter my 60’s, I’m just getting started for another three decades of passion and joy. Dan Trepanier

I’ve come to treat my boat as sacred work and play place. If done right, sailing fosters a sense of connection, belonging, significance, and personal growth. 

Akiya is her name, and she’s the vessel that feeds my spirit as nowhere or nothing else can. 

She makes me cry, and she makes me laugh. She scares the hell out of me. She pisses me off and takes all my money. Yes, I know she’s an object made of resin, wood and other composites, but what she represents is special. — Experiencing a degree of freedom on my terms. The opportunity to live, love to learn a proud life. 

She’s the ultimate creative place designed to take being cool and humbled to a whole new level. (I didn’t say I was cool, I said my boat was cool -eh! )

As I initially write this piece, I sit in the rear cockpit in awe that I get to hang out with Trumpet Swans and Canada Geese. 

Aside from being the ultimate man cave, she has the potential to be an extraordinary recording studio. Where I produce mountains of good writing, inspirational podcasts and sometimes pure crap. — excellence, average and bad, wrapped up in an evolving art form, inspired by ‘Akiya.’ 

My sailboat represents the embodiment of  LIVE, LOVE, LEARN.

Sailing is a metaphor for charting a course, heading into a storm, overcoming life or death perceptions, discovering new things, pushing the envelope. It’s more about the journey than the destination itself. 

We’re in the water six months of the year. Lake Ontario, Canada, has freezing winters, so I typically haul out at the end of October and launch early May. 

A few years back, I commissioned a screened-in enclosure for my rear cockpit – the marine equivalent of a lakefront porch to keep the mosquitos out. 

With a little creativity and a lot of sweat equity, working from home can bode well on a boat.

I’ve worked smart and hard to get to this idealistic state of being. A floating man cave that brings out the best in my play and work-flow.

She’s the water guardian angel and deeply intimate space on a journey less travelled. I would not hesitate to spend my last dime or breath on her upkeep. 

When you enter as my guest, you will most certainly be inspired and enamoured by the experience: good weather or bad.

Mortals like us gain the type of surreal joy you cannot get anywhere else but on a boat. 

I have yet to meet a person who’s been an onboard and not articulated the memory of the profoundly unique experience as ‘Dan’s special guest.’

And yet sadly, the average person does not get to experience the passion and joy I share time and time again. 

I am a person with access to the compassionate kind of privilege that is to be shared.

In the coming years, I aim to help a few more friends and clients taste my ‘happy place’ in Toronto if even for just the afternoon. Ahh, so this is what ‘living the gig life’ can feel like?

I can die tomorrow, knowing I experience a self-made lifestyle that continually brings passion and joy.

Cedar lined sailboats also make a great coffin. When the time comes, pull the plug and bury me 250 feet below the surface; I digress!

I’ve come to accept that I live a unique, essential, somewhat quirky lifestyle. Thank God I’ve done well holding my own financially (so far) 

This modest degree of financial independence gives me time and space to focus on what matters: total freedom to create exciting new things that enrich lives.

Vessels are mistresses, to be fiercely respected. Please don’t ask a true boater to pick between a relative or their boat. You know what the answer will be. 

I talk to myself aboard — and I am not ashamed to admit it. I speak to Akiya as if she was a puppy. 

Make no mistake; living on a boat is not for the faint-hearted. 

The upkeep is overwhelming at the best of times. You have to be a little nutty to own a sailboat. When you first buy one, you’ll quickly discover that what you did not know at the time of purchase was good for you; otherwise, you would not have made the purchase. 

Things rarely go as planned amidst shifting weather, mechanical failure, unpredictable variables that come your way. Sailing is a lesson in letting go of unrealistic expectations and living in the pure present. 

Boating teaches you to respect your surroundings and appreciation for rolling with the punches. Take whatever the winds send your way and work through what the journey tosses at you know you’ll get through the channel one way or the other.  

Everything mechanical on a boat is a challenge (except for my rainy day afternoon naps and occasional date shag). The space is tight, and resources are limited, the distractions endless. The experience can be overwhelming for a first-time guest to take in all at once.  

Every hour of entertaining on a boat precludes multiple hours of upkeep and maintenance. 

I’ve been working on customizing Akiya for eight seasons. Fine woodwork and upgrades to most of her mechanical systems, new rigging and more to come. — it never ends. I’m comforted knowing I have a lifetime of this ahead of me and that the lifestyle I’ve deservedly carved out over the years is uniquely mine. 

“Moderation” is a hard path to follow for someone who oozes energy and intensity for life.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my cold beer, a little ‘ganja’ and good times chilling with friends, but peppered with a moderation degree within the right context. Sadly not all boaters understand this concept. 

I won’t allow myself to become one of those salty red-faced boozy boaters who age un-gracefully from alcohol poisoning and lack of sunscreen. By my estimate, about 30% of my marina mates. 

This is What My PASSION Looks Like -- Show Me Yours?

The Captain in his happy place

Wheres your happy place? 

Here’s how I define mine in a few words: 

It’s where I feel safe from the crazy world we live. It’s where I am most grounded despite always floating. — even during a storm. In a way, she glides stealthily like a wise old lake soul that speaks to me and gives me insight into what potentially lies ahead—the unknown, like in a sudden fog. She gives me goosebumps and shows the world that I am proof that living life on my terms is possible!   


What about you, my friend. Do you have this life-altering epic dream you want to make happen? How far along the trip are you, and who will you bring on board? 



Better yet, write your own story. Pick one of the two suggestions below and share your results with me! 



Suggestion One

Journal a metaphor and overlay it on where you want to be; to what passion looks and feels like for you. 

If you have not yet tapped into a passion, then try and articulate vivid imaginary details into your story. 

Suggestion Two

JOURNAL what your ultimate creative space would look, feel, smell and sound like. Be as vivid as possible in your description. 

Free flow your brain dump for two solid minutes. 

Be sure to turn your internal critic and editor off for this first draft. 

Then work subsequent drafts and run your writing through Grammarly for crap punctuation. I’m notorious for lousy grammar and slang and weird metaphors that not everyone gets or finds funny. — eh!  

Connect with me, and let’s swap stories. 

With love Dan Trepanier

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