Mornings were better when Barak Obama was the president of The United States. But what did Obama do to make his mornings better? Now let me ask you something - do you think Lady Gaga is a morning person? I don’t know the answer, but I know that Lady Gaga is a person and that she, like the rest of us, has mornings.

I also know that GaGa has a strategy that makes her mornings powerful. Find out which one is it. Daily reminder: If you are not a morning person, remember that celebrities have mornings too.

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach, The Morning Habits of Gaga, Ellen, Barak, Richard Branson

The rich and famous celebrities’ secret to success is their understanding of our need to incorporate meaningful habits into our lives. Here are a few examples, to prove that no-one is exempt from needing to integrate practices that matter into their life –

Lady Gaga

Beginning her morning with yoga, this ritual ensures Gaga sets herself up for the day ahead. Not limiting herself to allotted times to practice good habits, she also spreads various times throughout her day, promoting very healthy self-love and taking time to think compassionately and thankfully.

Ellen DeGeneres

In the same vein as Gaga (and perhaps a reoccurring theme as far as meaningful habits go), Ellen begins her day with a workout, followed by some meditation. It’s easy to see that Ellen works like a trooper, so it’s good to know what habits she uses to maintain such a hectic and demanding work schedule. Ellen has been previously quoted as saying this time exercise these healthy, daily habits give her the energy to remain as positive and active as she does.

Barak Obama

Beginning a couple of hours before he is due to start his working day, Obama works out. Mentioning these positive habits influence the rest of his day, he claims that this time allows him to use the rest of his time more productively. On top of this, he cites his diet as something that also matters – refraining from coffee, instead opting for healthier alternatives. Even little habits like switching from coffee to green tea can really impact your day-to-day life for the better – just ask the President.

Richard Branson

In keeping with a bit of a theme of habits, Richard Branson wakes up early, before 6am. Leaving the curtains open is his more serene version of an alarm, as the sun wakes him up naturally each morning. He then jumps straight into his day by an activity such as swimming.