“the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally to the unfolding of experience moment by moment” (Kabat-Zinn)

Training Overview  [MI-Onboard ] MindfulnessX

Training Overview [MI-Onboard ] MindfulnessX

INTRODUCTION - This Training Since its introduction to the mainstream western medicine and society in the late '70s (Kabat-Zinn, 1990), mindfulness has received considerable scholarly attention. Over the last decade, scientific research on mindfulness has intensified,...

Training Expectations Survey [MI-Onboard] Mindfulnessx

The following questions should be completed and submitted to Dan Trepanier before taking the MindfulnessX Training. We aim to assess if the timing is right and have the necessary supports to participate safely in this stream at this time in your life.Your Progress...

Safely Practicing [MI-Onboard] MindfulnessX

Let's discuss how mindfulness can be applied safely, leading to improvement rather than reducing your well-being.  Here are four key ingredients that can ensure a safe mindfulness practice.  I know you.  Knowing who will participate in MindfulnessX is very important....

Setting the Scene [MI-Onboard] MindfulnessX

'Let me share the three foundational components of setting the stage for a mindfulness program: creating a safe environment, generating ground rules, and critical considerations for a practical attitude as your trainer' - Dan Trepanier.   1) A Safe Environment A...

When I Guide Meditations [MI-Onboard] MindfulnessX

Goal First, I'll define the purpose of the specific meditation that is being practiced. This is specifically for those who have limited to no experience meditating. Duration I'll then share the time allocated for practice before starting the meditation. Mindset: ...

The Acceptance of Emotions [MI-Onboard] MindfulnessX

First, let's understand how non-acceptance is explored. Then shift to how I deliver instructions to help participants cultivate acceptance within themselves. Understanding acceptance The Root of Non-acceptance: Non-acceptance stems from the belief that "the moment is...

Your Personal Mindfulness Plan [MI-Onboard] MindfulnessX

The MindfulnessX sessions can be best regarded as a starting point in the cultivation of mindfulness. In this Integration Session, YOU are invited to create a personal plan for sustainably, incorporating mindfulness in your daily life. Your Progress Discussion NOTES...

Inquiry [MI-Onboard] MindfulnessX

Inquiry means that as a Mentor Coach, I show genuine interest in YOUR experience through questions. Potential questions to practice inquiry are, "what kinds of feelings emerged?" Inquiry after an exercise is crucial because it helps you make sense of and work through...



Attention & The Now, Automaticity, Judgment, Acceptance, Goals, Compassion, Ego, Integration

Attention & The Now [MI-M1] MindfulnessX

Attention & The Now [MI-M1] MindfulnessX

The objective of this first session is to familiarize participants with the two most important building blocks of mindfulness, attention and the present moment.

Automaticity [MI-M2] MindfulnessX

Automaticity [MI-M2] MindfulnessX

We aim to clarify the relationship between mindfulness and automaticity. This session is included at the beginning of the training because most problems involve automatic patterns or habits.

Judgment [MI-M3] MindfulnessX

Judgment [MI-M3] MindfulnessX

In this session, participants experience the judgmental nature of their mind and learn about the problematic aspects of judgments.

Acceptance [MI-M4] MindfulnessX

Acceptance [MI-M4] MindfulnessX

Here we clarify the essence of acceptance by applying approval to difficult emotions and explaining the goal of acceptance.

Goals [MI-M5] MindfulnessX

Goals [MI-M5] MindfulnessX

In this session, mindfulness is introduced as the key to finding a balance between being in the present moment and planning for the future

Compassion [MI-M6] MindfulnessX

Compassion [MI-M6] MindfulnessX

This session aims to introduce self-compassion. Mindfulness involves a kind and self-compassionate stance toward the self.

The Ego [MI-M7] MindfulnessX

The Ego [MI-M7] MindfulnessX

This session aims to introduce self-compassion. Mindfulness involves a kind and self-compassionate stance toward the self.



Formal mindfulness meditation exercises that are an inherent part of mindfulness interventions

YOU are encouraged to perform them at home daily.

The Body Scan [MI-Meditation] MindfulnessX

The Body Scan [MI-Meditation] MindfulnessX

 The body scan, as the name suggests, entails bringing awareness to each part of the body.  A body scan is a form of meditation that aims to cultivate mindfulness, initially described in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction...

Seated Meditation [MI-Meditation] MindfulnessX

Seated Meditation [MI-Meditation] MindfulnessX

 Seated Meditation  The seated meditation uses the breath as the main focus of attention. You are instructed to sit in an upright position with a straight back, preferably with your eyes closed. Once settled in this upright...

Three-Minute-Breathing-Space [MI-Meditation] MindfulnessX

Three-Minute-Breathing-Space [MI-Meditation] MindfulnessX

This is the 6 min exercise with no theory. ENJOY! These days, most of us are habitually in a busy, distracted, stressed-out mode of living.   The three-minute Breathing Space is a good practice to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. In other words, stop your...



Creating Quite Time, Single Tasking, Increase Awareness, Listening, Speaking, Walking, Meeting, Wheel of Awareness, Acceptance, Loving Kindness, Observer Meditation.

Creating Quiet Time [MI-Practice] MindfulnessX

At the core of mindfulness is awareness. Practicing mindfulness helps us become aware of our internal worlds, thoughts, bodily sensations, emotions, feelings, and needs. Applying a mindful focus to our inner world can be a challenging task. In our busy lives, we are...

Loving-Kindness Meditation [MI-Practice] MindfulnessX

The goal of loving-kindness meditation is to cultivate compassion for ourselves and others. Loving-kindness meditation has four "healing" elements: intention, attention, emotion, and connection. "Boosting" our intention ("may everyone be happy") gives energy and...

Observer Meditation [MI-Practice] MindfulnessX

This meditation aims to allow YOU to observe a self that is beyond the constructed self or the ego. This observing self allows you to view yourself and your experiences from a distance and, at the same time, connect to something more profound than the experiences...

Mindful Walking [MI-Practice] MindfulnessX

Walking mindfully means walking with full attention. The slow, methodical movements can relieve stress, calm the body, and focus the mind. Indeed, several studies show that physical exercise has demonstrated effects in reducing psychological distress (Gerber &...

Mindfully Meeting Other People [MI-Practice] MindfulnessX

There are two fundamentally different ways of meeting another human being. One can let the encounter be guided by personal ideas, memories, thoughts, opinions, and beliefs about the other person or meet this other person without judgments, images, and assumptions. The...

1-2 Minute Mindful Listening [MI-Practice] MindfulnessX

Mindful listening is an important skill. In general, people thrive when they feel fully "heard" and "seen." Mindful listening means listening entirely to the other person. Instead of interrupting the person, trying to tell one's own story or thinking ahead, the...

Eye of the Hurricane Meditation [MI-Practice] MindfulnessX

Mindfulness practice offers a way for clients to disengage from the hectic world around them by focussing attention inward. In mindfulness practice, clients learn to use their breath as a vehicle to create more inner peace. By connecting to their breath, clients...

Using Photography to Increase Savouring [MI-Journal ] MindfulnessX

"Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second." – Marc Riboud. The quote mentioned above suggests that photography may increase savouring. Taking a photograph requires a certain amount of focused attention and appraisal of one's immediate...

1-Minute Just-Be [MI-Practice] MindfulnessX

QUOTE: I want to run a small experiment with you. This exercise only takes 1 minute. I will tell you when the time is up. I want to invite you to be silent for 1 minute, without talking or doing anything, be here. Let's review the 'One-Minute Just-Be' related...

1-Minute Imagine Strolling [MI-Practice] MindfulnessX

This exercise relates to  STEP 5 in SESSION 2 Automaticity Sit comfortably and try to imagine the following scenario as vividly as possible:  “Imagine strolling along a street with which you are well-acquainted. As you look up, you notice that there is someone you...

John and Jill Mind Reaction Exercise [MI-Practice] MindfulnessX

This exercise relates to  STEP 5 in SESSION 2 Automaticity Let me read aloud the following brief stories slowly. John was on his way to school. He was worried about math class. He feared that he could not keep the students under control. This was not his job as the...

Benefit Finding [MI-Practice] MindfulnessX

This exercise relates to  STEP 3 in SESSION 3 Judgment BENEFIT FINDING  Try and recall a circumstance related to a painful event or loss experienced in your life.NOTE: Do not pick a traumatic event that may trigger mental health issues or require a professional...

Resistance Meditation [MI-Practice] MindfulnessX

The goal of this exercise is to demonstrate what non-acceptance of emotions and feelings entails. Non-acceptance means that one tries to control or alter an experience. Although it is a very ineffective way of coping with emotions, as it can negatively affect...

Unwanted Guest Metaphor [MI-Practice] MindfulnessX

This metaphor illustrates the importance of cultivating an acceptance-based relationship with emotions to deal effectively with emotions. Rather than keeping the door shut, one should be willing to keep the door open and allow emotions, both positive and negative, to...

Gratitude [MI-Practice] MindfulnessX

This exercise aims to allow the YOU to experience the focus on the present moment cultivated in mindfulness, which can be a powerful tool to counteract the dissatisfaction and desire for a better outcome than the one resulting from an excessive future orientation....

Visualizing a Compassionate Self [MI-Practice] MindfulnessX

The goal of the exercise is to make the image of a compassionate self more concrete. I imagine what it feels like to be self-compassionate and live more in line with this notion. Note that the exercise point is to help you envision and understand what those qualities...

Ego as Shopping Cart Metaphor [MI-Practice] MindfulnessX

For many people, the concept of the ego is often challenging to understand. Attempts to explain it often lead to resistance and confusion. This metaphor offers a simple way to explain the process of identification at the heart of the ego. The primary process that is...



Questions to stimulate great journaling!

The Wheel of Awareness [MI-Journal] MindfulnessX

Dr. Daniel Siegel created the Wheel of Awareness practise to practice becoming aware of all that we can be mindful of at once (Siegel, 2018). The Wheel offers a visual metaphor for the way the mind works. The center of the Wheel, the hub, is the area from which we...

Mindful Speaking [MI-Journal] MindfulnessX

Have you ever had the experience of saying something that you later regretted, or posting something on the internet without thinking about the consequences, or responding to someone asking how you are with “good” when, in fact, you are not feeling particularly useful?...

The Inner Critic [MI-Journal] MindfulnessX

The Inner Critic discussion is designed to help you be consciously aware of your inner critic and the consequences of this inner voice in terms of emotions and motivation. Many people argue that they need the inner critic to be productive or prevent them from being...

MindfulnessX Stream

“the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally to the unfolding of experience moment by moment” (Kabat-Zinn)

MyJournaling Stream

Learn to freely and safely capture your experiences, ideas, and reflections for great insight and healing.

GreatMind Stream

Develop a kindred spirit mindset of thoughts and ideas related to LIVING LOVING and LEARNING a proud life on your terms!

FindMeaning Stream

A state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing. A feeling of being sure that someone or something exists or something is real is good, right, or valuable, a trust in someone’s worth or ability.

VitalHABITS Stream

Bring VITALITY to your life! More of what you want and less of what you don’t want. Develop recurrent, often unconscious patterns of behaviour acquired through frequent repetition.

Healthy Connections Stream

The state of being related or interrelated.

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Essential Skills Stream

Live Love Learn transferrable skillsets that are essential to thrive in today’s crazy world!

Create2Inspire Stream

Be filled and fill others with positive feelings, thoughts, actions and outcomes. Learn to inspire and be inspired every day!

ProudLife LGBTQ Stream

Feeling pleasurable satisfaction over an act, possession, quality, or relationship by which YOU measure your stature or self-worth. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (one’s sexual or gender identity) person or ally.

Strategic Work Stream

Develop the strategic art of matching your spirit with commerce by focusing on the good efforts and outcomes – on your terms.

MentoringHelps Stream

A wise and trusted counsellor or teacher. An influential senior sponsor or supporter.

Case Study Stream

Significant, measurable know-how, plus the guts to use all those talents to beter the people, programs or projects he's involved with. As a National Project Manager for one of Canada's largest charities, I led the most successful National Internship Program ever - Dan...

BookVille Stream

Dan’s ever-growing list of recommended books that complement your lessons.

Dan’s Sailboat Metaphors Stream

A state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing. A feeling of being sure that someone or something exists or that something is true, that something is good, right, or valuable, a trust in the worth or ability of someone.

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