Do You Live Two Radically Different Lifestyles?

In 2017 I failed to monetize any of my online projects adequately. 

Every April, I step away from my online work to focus on woodwork and other creative tasks aboard “Akiya’ my 30′ sailboat, located at Toronto Island Marina. — pure joy but a radically different lifestyle!

It’s all or nothing with me. From May to the end of October, I immerse myself in a marina environment.

As I gear up for a Canadian fall (September – November), I radically shift focus from the boating life, back to persuasive writing, and curriculum creation in my Toronto landslide studio. 

At the end of October, I haul out and retreat to my landslide studio to ride out the Canadian winter. Both worlds offer radically different lifestyles. Both worlds satisfy my need for significance, connection, contribution, belonging and personal growth. 

Each period brings an element of intense passion and creativity. Each requires what is called ‘the Canadian shoulder seasons’ (Spring and Fall). Each presents a change in climate that metaphorically speaking represents the birth and death and birth again of my projects. 

In the winter of 2017, I plan to spend eight weeks at my best friends, parents, a Brazilian beach house! While immersing myself in the local culture, I hope to write a book and connect with spirit on a renewed, deeper tropical level. 

The life aim here is to figure out a way to work and play the long and cold Canadian winters on my terms within a warmer climate, closer to nature — and remain financially viable. 

Ideally, I’ll master the art of being a Canadian “Snow-bird’. The primary caveat being that I must have access to high-speed internet so I may continue connecting and serving with my online ‘tribe.’

Do you have a transition month when you shift from one radically different lifestyle to another? How do you cope?

Wouldn’t it be cool to connect with other like-minded and like-spirited people with similar aspirations — to live life on your terms from different parts of the globe? 

Want to share your story and exchange ideas? Post a comment below. You never know what the universe will send you the way. 

Dan xoxo