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Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach, Lies You Tell Yourself to Avoid Change

Why do you prefer to dwell in the comforts of routine and console our yearning for a better life by telling yourself the same old lies?

Your life does not get better by chance – it gets better by change.

Obliterate this counter-productive deceit and take your first steps towards a happier, healthier mind. 

First, accept the lies you are telling ourselves. Secondly, rehash those lies and replace them with a new truth. 

Use that truth to gain a solution from the problem the lie was preventing us from solving.

Lie – “I’ll do it later.” Truth – No, you won’t!

Solution – You tell yourself you’ll sign up to the gym on Monday to justify a mammoth binge weekend in front of the TV, surrounded by ice cream and pizza. You convince yourself you’ll apply for new jobs as soon as you find the time. 

Every lie like becomes one massive postponement of building a life that matters — on your terms. 

Until you are honest with yourself about this, you’ll remain living in the land of tomorrow.

Sign up to the gym today, take fifteen minutes to apply for new jobs instead. 

Lie – “It’s too hard.” Truth – Really?!

Solution If Richard Branson had thought, “it’s too hard,” every time one of his business ventures failed, would he be sitting on the lucrative empire he is now? Of course not.

Think of your life change; that’s “too hard” to do. 

Are you starting your own business or ending an emotionally draining relationship? It’s easy to forget that people have done and do those things every day. 

Want your own business – plan, research, save, borrow, and find inspirations that have carved similar paths to the one you want to sculpt. 

Want to get out of your small town? Don’t allow your creature comforts to deceive you – the big city isn’t so scary, and it’s brimming with the opportunity to expose yourself to it. 

Do you want to be free of your dead weight relationship? Cut it dead before it does the same to your emotional health.


Lie – “I don’t have the resources available. Truth – Become resourceful.

Solution – Having the ability to find new and smart ways to overcome difficulties isn’t something assigned to a privileged few – we all have this ability.

What is the resource you lack? Money? Time? Then it would help if you found ways to replenish enough of the missing support to aid that positive change.

As humans, we are already pretty resourceful; think of the first caveman to light a fire.

Want more money? Work overtime. Not available? Sell your skills – writing, graphic design, dog walking. Have no skills? I don’t believe that – there are plenty of ways to learn and acquire new skill sets. It may be a slow burner, but you’re on your journey to positive change.

Lie – “I’m set in my ways.” Truth – You aren’t dead.

Solution – So you’ll always be fifteen pounds overweight, you’ll always be shy when meeting new people, you’ll forever live in the town you do now. Change can’t possibly be on the cards for you, because you’re set in your ways – and always have been.

The truth is, unless you’re buried six feet under, you can never be set in your ways. Treading water isn’t a part of a healthy person’s spiritual itinerary, so being placed in your means isn’t an option. As comforting as what you know is, nothing ever really grows there.

Why will you always be overweight? Why do you accept shyness as a factor that will forever remain? For what reason will you never leave your hometown? I can bet every one of these questions will be answered with one emotion in mind – fear.

“honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom” – Thomas Jefferson.


What LIE have you turned into a solution?