For the past five years, Steve Kamb has transformed himself from a wanna-be daydreamer into a real-life superhero and turned his life into a gigantic video game:

  • flying stunt planes in New Zealand
  • gambling in a tuxedo at the Casino de Monte-Carlo
  • even finding Nemo on the Great Barrier Reef 

To help him accomplish all of these goals, he built a system that allowed him to complete quests, take on boss battles, earn experience points, and level up his life.

If you have always dreamed of adventure and growth but can’t seem to leave your hobbit-hole, Steve’s book, Level Up Your Life, is for you. He will teach you exactly how to use your favourite video games, books, and movies as inspiration for adventure rather than an escape from the grind of everyday life. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary Joes and Jills have joined Steve’s Rebellion through his popular website,, and levelled up their lives–losing weight, getting more robust, and living better.

In Level Up Your Life, you’ll meet more than a dozen of these members of The Rebellion: men and women, young and old, single and married, from all walks of life who have created superhero versions of themselves to live adventurously and happily. 

Within this guide, you’ll follow in their footsteps and learn precisely how to:

  • Create your own “Alter Ego” with real-life superpowers
  • Build your own Epic Quest List, broken into categories and difficulty levels
  • Hack your productivity habits to start making progress
  • Train your body for any adventure
  •  Build-in rewards and accountability that will motivate you to succeed
  • Travel the world freely (and cheaply)
  •  Recruit the right allies to your side and find influential mentors for guidance

Adventure is out there, and the world needs more heroes. Will you heed the call?

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