Being assertive is to express your thoughts, feelings and needs honestly and directly.

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Trainer, LEARN To Be An Assertive Gay Man!

Assertive people fight for what’s essential while acknowledging the other person’s perspective and feelings.

What Is Assertiveness?

  • My feelings, thoughts and convictions are as crucial as yours!
  • As Madonna would say, “Express yourself, don’t repress yourself.” Assertiveness gives you a healthier connection to yourself and those around you.

Why should you be more assertive?

Assertive communication is a beneficial style of communication in any relationship, especially significant ones.

Don’t let your communication style stop you from doing what matters to live and work on your terms.

Being passive will get you nowhere. Eventually, the silent role will make you passive-aggressive.

Passive-aggressive behaviour is when you say one thing and do another. Or indirectly express your self. –I am pissed off at you, so I am going to slam the door. Or I don’t dare to tell you I don’t want to go out clubbing, so I will say I am not feeling well to get out of going.

When you say YES to others, make sure you aren’t saying NO to yourself. Communicating YES to yourself requires a certain level of maturity and capability to reject something or someone. If you stay silent on an issue, consider that perhaps quiet because you are afraid of rejection.

On the upside, you speaking up honestly and directly might end up getting you that respect you need.


Do YOU Need to Develop ASSERTIVE Communication SKILLS?

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