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Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach , Know The Reasons Why You Create Your REALITY [FI-M2]

Many people don’t believe it is possible or necessary to try and create their reality.

Most of them immediately think about SiFi movies, or, even worse, the loony bin whenever the subject comes up.

The topic itself might seem like it belongs in the ivory tower of philosophy. However, with the right approach, I think it can make sense to you and all of my other readers.

Also, it’s just a fascinating subject, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share some of my ideas with you. So, put your misconceptions away and keep on reading.

  1. What Is Reality, Anyway?
  2. Perception Influences Reality
  3. Getting to Know Yourself
  4. What If People Don’t Create Their Reality?
  5. Take Control over Your Thoughts
Know the Reasons Why You Should Create Your Own Reality

What Is Reality, Anyway?

Ask ten different people, and you’ll get ten other answers.

There’s a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche that I think is very appropriate here. It says

“All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not the truth.”

And you know that guy was smart!

The thing is, your reality may be very different from mine. There’s no such thing as a universal truth. Someone who says otherwise is usually the type of person trying to “sell” their reality.

Perception Influences Reality

Thoughts create reality.

In other words, you can change your world through the energy of your intentions.

Your mind is the ultimate architect.

Sure, you can’t always control the things taking place in your life. You do, however, have control over your perception. 

You choose how you see something and how you respond to the things happening around you.

Getting to Know Yourself

Life is uncertain. Creating your reality doesn’t involve developing a magical ability to control everything going on in your life.

It means embracing the fact that you can’t, and feeling confident you’ll overcome whatever life may throw at you.

People who create their reality are the ones who have found purpose and focus in their lives.

Also, there’s something profoundly empowering about the idea that you are the creator of your thoughts and actions.

Choosing to believe you build your present and future will help you access parts of yourself that you didn’t even know where there.

What If People Don’t Create Their Reality?

In this case, someone else will do it for them.

Think about it: As we move forward in life, we’re told the importance of living in the “real” world? But in a way, that means ceasing control over our thoughts and actions.

It’s like we’re duped by society into thinking and acting a certain way. Don’t think that everything you see in the news or on social media influences your life?

Well, think again. How often are we told how the “world should be.” If your inner world is fragile, external events and news can dramatically shape your reality and future.

Take Control over Your Thoughts

Creating your reality doesn’t mean abandoning the real world to move in a trailer in the woods. Far from it.

It means being mindful. It means getting back your prerogative to choose what you want to take away from your experiences and the things happening around you.

Ultimately, it means being genuine. And let me tell you, that is liberating!

There you have it. These were some of my thoughts on why people should create their reality. I hope you’ve gained some new perspective on the subject.