When You Don’t Know What To Write -- Start Writing

Pick the first random thought that comes to your mind. Turn your internal editor off and write, type or speak into a microphone, or when you don’t know what to write, start writing!  — It’s that simple.

The aim here is to get your articulation juices going. Grow that muscle in your brain. Call upon spirits to inspire you as you find the right words to express.

If one of your goals is to write a book. 

Don’t get caught up in the flow of your writing or the format. Just start writing…..

At this point, your just capturing thoughts and feelings honestly and directly. The editing, proofreading and flow will come later.

I just borrowed my partner’s laptop and brought it on my sailboat boat partly because I replaced my computer with a big honking iMac, which unpractical in a marine environment.

Large Desktops and water do not mix well, and I don’t want to chance to damage my primary computer.

I’m rather excited because, for the last 4 months, I have been focused on woodwork and other upgrades to my sailboat— and it’s time to shift gears. It’s been four months since I wrote anything of substance — yea, I know, crazy!

It’s a gorgeous sunny Friday afternoon at the Toronto Island Marina, and my partner is going to join me a bit later. We were going to chill, have some beers and BBQ off the stern of #Akiya (my 30-foot sailboat)

What I am most proud of right now is that I’ve mustered up the focus and discipline to do a bit of writing before he arrives. Typically on a Friday afternoon, people are slowly winding down their work.

I find it hard to focus on Friday afternoons.

For cultural creatives were always creating….. with downtime being in a state of meditation, sleep or death – eh!

Now, what about you, my friend. Can you relate to what I’m saying? Do you have challenges when it comes to writing? If so, please tell me about it. I’m curious to hear what you do to resolve the issue.

Dan Trepanier