Can you believe this is my commute every day! Living on my terms and counting my blessings on my way to Akiya — she’s my 30′ sailboat.

It starts with a cycle along Young Street. And YES, I take a full lane if necessary. Then a short 10-minute tender ride to Toronto Island.

Yes, I’m looking at you deep into an iPhone lens, as I count my blessings and say ‘come-on over.’

A short tender ride from the foot of York Street to the Toronto Island Marina

Did you know? A ship’s tender usually referred to as a tender, is a boat, or a more massive boat used to service or support other boats or yachts, generally by transporting people and supplies to and from shore or another vessel. Smaller boats may also have tenders, usually called dinghies.

With lots of Love Dan



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Imagine YOUR Rush Hour Commute Like This - Love the #ProudLife on #Akiya Sailboat