Horoscope: The sooner you surround yourself with good people, the sooner you will become a better person.

Pretty awesome how a bunch of particles in the universe randomly came together to create all these good people in our lives. If you feel or think you do not have good and kind people in your life, you have to start attracting them. I mean, the universe wants you to.

You are who you spend your time with. Spend wisely. Choose people wisely. Here is how......

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach, How Do I Attract MORE GOOD People Into My Life?

Good people profoundly influence your life. 

Let’s talk about the full extent of those effects and how you can improve your relationships to attract more good people.

The Power of People

You’d imagine that we only “borrow” traits from close friends or family, but it doesn’t work that way. When you spend time with someone, regardless of how you feel about them, you start to be more like them.

Spend a year living in the same house with someone, and you won’t just learn their omelet recipe. If you have housemates, think about it: haven’t you adopted some of their musical tastes, speaking styles, or habits?

If those around you are negative, unpleasant people, they will drag you down with them.

Surround yourself with right, happy individuals, and you will adopt their healthy habits yourself. 

  1. The Effects of Healthy Relationships
  2. What Does a Healthy Relationship Look Like?
  3. How to Attract More Good People into Your Life
  4. You deserve fulfillment. You have to search for it.

You deserve fulfillment. You have to search for it.

How Do I Attract MORE GOOD People Into My Life?

The Effects of Healthy Relationships

You may pick up a new hobby because someone in your life has it, but that’s not the only way people influence us. 

The relationships in your life can make you evolve as a person or have the opposite effect.

Healthy relationships with people you genuinely like are crucial for a Joy.

A romantic partner, for example, will have an enormous influence over your life. 

You could have the worst day ever if you have the right person to lean on, you’ll quickly pull through.

Forming close bonds with good people will bring you energy and happiness. You’ll become determined to take the bull by the horns and start improving your life.

Let’s say you meet someone new, and they turn your world upside down. How are you going to deal with that?

What Does a Healthy Relationship Look Like?

When you think about it, it’s not that easy to define a good relationship. We’re all different, and what applies to me might not apply to you. Something we can all agree about is that healthy bonds make us happy.

I feel that many people in the LGBTQ community stay in unfulfilling relationships. Some think that being alone is worse, or that they can’t do better. It’s not my place to tell you how to live your life, but I can assure you that staying in unhealthy relationships is a terrible choice.

Healthy relationships make you feel appreciated and attractive.

Merely being around that person gives you energy and confidence. Those in a relationship should support each other and encourage themselves to become better.

How to Attract More Good People into Your Life

Approaching someone new can be scary, I know. It’s the best way to form new relationships, though. You can’t just wait for good things to come to you.

Go to your favourite pub, park, social app or wherever you feel most comfortable. 

Then talk to someone you might like. It doesn’t have to be love at first sight. Strong bonds are built over time. If clubs are more your style, then go dance! You’ll soon meet new, exciting and energetic people.

Don’t sabotage yourself by letting toxic people into your life. Look for those who will support you and make you happy.