Happy 420. May we all do what it takes to feel inner peace and stamina amid the ‘COVID Shit Storm

If you don’t know what 420 symbolizes then, please move along – eh! (respect)

I have decided not to drink alcohol during a COVID pandemic isolation period (socially or otherwise).

Alcohol is considered a depressant and not so good for boosting one’s immune system – Fewer beer calories but more munchies meltdowns.



Either way, I’m screwed until I crawl out of my self-inflicted pandemic hole. #VitalHabits are needed now more than ever! 

One SOLUTION: Medical Prescription THC/CBD.

— Great for reducing anxiety, heightening creativity, calming the mind, sleeping well and not going postal on your dumb neighbour. 

#NoStigma, #420Legal. #GetOverIt #Retired