Success is not about finding yourself. It is about creating and striving to see and be the best version of yourself. Success is when you follow your aspirations to accomplish your goals while appreciating the process.

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach, HOW TO - Craft YOUR New Definition of Success

Transcript (my ramble)

So I came to the realization the other day that there were some things that you can’t delegate. I have a blog site, and there’s so much pressure out there to produce, oh my gosh, you’ve got to have 50,000 subscribers, you’ve got to produce hundreds and hundreds of blog posts, you’ve got to make millions of dollars off of the Internet, and you know what, you don’t. 

It’s bullshit.

Half of it is bullshit. Yes, there are people out there who make a massive amount of money off the Internet, but many people don’t, and that’s okay. For me, it’s about cost recovery.

I want to make enough to pay the rent, be able to buy some cool equipment, and travel. But it’s more important about connecting with other people and making a difference. 

I know a guy who’s got 50,000 subscribers, and yet he’s only subscribed to about 400 people, on his stuff. And that’s ridiculous. All of his stuff is just one way, it’s all about ego, it’s about I need 50,000 followers, and I need my fans to adore me. That is bullshit. That’s having a coaching practice based on ego.

I would instead have a handful of people, and every day I get up, and I go on Facebook, and I look on someone’s wall, and I take a genuine interest in their life, and I MSN messenger, not MSN, oh my God! Facebook messenger, I can’t believe I even said MSN. Microsoft, who uses Microsoft anymore? 

Anyway, I messenger people, chat with them, and connect with one or two people, and I get one or two or three new subscribers every day. And I don’t want thousands of subscribers.

I want a handful of subscribers, but I want to go deep into their lives, and I want them to go deep into my life. I want to make a significant difference in their lives, and I want to mentor them, and I want them to mentor me, and I want to learn from them, and I want to collaborate with them, and I’m looking for somebody who wants to, not somebody. 

A group of people who want to launch their particular project, and you know, I have a vast amount of project management experience.

I have over two decades, managed one of the most successful national internship programs in Canada. Most extensive federal government programs, over $135 million in funding. We significantly impacted the lives of over 13,000 young people in over 600 different communities in Canada, throughout 93 various government agencies and crown corporations.

One of the most successful government employment initiatives in the country.

And all of a sudden, it was mothballed, but that’s okay because we left a legacy. And it was about collaboration, and so I understand project management. I know complex collaborations, and I also appreciate life skills, life management skills, career planning and development, and other stuff. 

And I’m just trying to put a framework together where I can connect with a small number of people to make a significant difference in their lives and my lives, and so if you’ve got an idea and it’s about project management for people who don’t like project management.

Project management can be pretty bureaucratic, and if you’re dealing with construction, yes, you need project management, frameworks. Still, many people have ideas deep down inside of them, they don’t know how to articulate their thoughts, and they need a little bit of help, and there are many things I can help you with.

One is accountability; one is fleshing out your idea, one is putting frameworks together, one is to act as a sounding board, the other is to act like somebody that encourages you to overcome obstacles and do your thing.

So connect with me. And I’m spinning around here, there we go, so please connect with me, send me a message, and we’ll have a discovery session. 

Discovery session where you and I get to spend 20 minutes just chatting about your idea and figuring out a way to bring your vision to life.

And I don’t know how much to charge. Maybe I won’t charge you anything. Because it is about connecting and collaborating on something cool, and the chances are that when I do that, and I connect with someone. We take a look at a specific idea that spawns another idea, and it generates other connections.

And it is not necessarily about your idea’s financial value; it is about a bunch of other things. Anyway, the simple fact of the matter is, send me a message and connect with me. Love you guys; remember, keep living, loving, and learning the proud life.

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