Have you ever take on a challenge in life that is well beyond your capacity, or what you perceive to be your capacity at the time?

Of course, you have. 

In this video, I’ll show you my sailboat. Sailboats are a considerable challenge!  

The frigid Canadian winters require boats to be hauled out in the fall and launched in the spring. Transition periods can be overwhelming. 

Although only 30 feet in length, my boat feels like riding a whale. 

Akiya — that’s her name. She’s the challenge I find quite exciting. 


If you have ever been confronted with an overwhelming challenge how did you overcome it? 

Epic Personal Challenges BIGGER than YOU Are Worth It #GoodHabits


Go take on a big challenge and do what matters to learn, love, live a proud life on your terms. 

Discover more Personal Growth, Significance, Contribution, Connection, and Belonging.

Do What Matters to LIVE, LOVE, LEARN a ProudLife on Your Terms.

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