Have you ever have somebody throw your creative mojo off?

Video Transcript (slightly adapted) 

The other day I posted this photo on Instagram of me having a bubble bath.

I titled my post ‘Bath Time, Don’t Ever Grow Up.’  I thought it was a cool photo of me having fun, goofing around. 

Somebody near and dear to me, a woman whose opinion I respect, said, “Seriously, like what gives?” 

Their sarcastic comment threw my mojo off, and I was somewhat offended.  

I’m trying to target my message to mostly gay men. And so, it’s essential to be a little bit provocative with my posts. 

There was a time when Elvis Presley would make his dance moves, and at the time, they were not considered appropriate for prime time television. 

There was also a time critics would view Madonna’s concerts as too sexually provocative. — blasphemous they’d say! 

Today Elvis Presley and Madona are seen as leading-edge artists that inspired a generation of fans and performers. 

Lady Gaga does things that are a little bit outrageous because she has to stand out. 

My personal view towards some of my online videos is that it’s a crowded marketplace out there, and I’m just being authentically quirky. 

I’m being myself and sending a message to you that you’ve got to flaunt your stuff.

You’ve got to be yourself. Don’t let people mess up your creative mojo. 

I blocked my friend on Instagram. The one who pissed me off with her comment suggesting I grow up. 

I respect her opinion, she’s a progressive, open-minded woman, but she’s very traditional in her way. And I don’t want that; I don’t like certain people seeing my Instagram posts if they’re not my client base – my tribe. 

I’ll have some explaining to do with her over why she was blocked, but I did it respectfully, and it’s my call to make.

You create your reality, and you have to understand that – You make a reality. 

Have you ever had a message that you wanted to send out to the world, but you didn’t do it because you were a little bashful? 

As gay men, we need to talk about things like an open relationship, monogamy. What do I do when I find my boyfriend if I do, fucking around on me? Do I come out? The other day I had a conversation with a guy thinking of going back to his country where being gay is illegal! He wanted me to help redo his resume. 

And I said, Dude, you’re going to be going back in the closet, and that’s going to eat away at your soul. Focus on that before you focus on your resume. 

Your resume’s irrelevant; I said because right now, you’re not honouring yourself for being who you are. So, don’t let people mess with your mojo and focus on what matters.

It’s essential to be goofy, it’s critical to have fun, it’s vital to be yourself, and it’s necessary to be authentic. 

Could you send me a pic of you being quirky? 

I don’t want to be seeing intimate body parts; I don’t need to see your junk. I want a personal message because this is about you getting comfortable being authentic and real, and taking a chance, and sharing a part of yourself with other people. 

I hope this message makes sense. Of course, it makes total sense. I love talking to you guys, and I love how I think my videos are evolving the crazier I get. And this bathtub photo is just fantastic. 

I’ve received many supportive to many of my posts on social media. I’m just goofing around and having fun.

Life is too short, my friend. It would help if you grabbed it by the balls. Remember, keep loving, learning, and living life on your terms.

Dan xoxo

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