‘Our curriculum renewal initiative’s primary focus was to develop essential/employability skills content and processes to provide unique and engaging activity-based learning situations where participants would build their knowledge through exceptional learning experiences.’ – Dan Trepanier

DEVELOP Delivery Models

As I pulled a team together across Canada, we articulated an updated framework for the four-week pre-placement training program (a phase of the Federal Public Sector Youth Internship Program), which served as a focus of discussion among the facilitators.

  1. Craft a new delivery framework that helps facilitators reformat their current training modules to be more pedagogically effective.
  2. Develop an exemplar – or “model” module which demonstrates how to put the new delivery framework into action with new content.
  3. Include technology in the delivery model to demonstrate its effectiveness in engaging learners.
  4. Conduct the training of the above at the conference to initiate the curriculum renewal process.

‘In collaboration with 22 local YMCAs across Canada, I was honoured to create and lead a team through a comprehensive curriculum renewal process, including a facilitator training component.’ – Dan Trepanier

DEFINE The Phases – Eight Milestones

  • I. Research
    • Research existing program modules and the four-week training framework
    • Assessment of modules; Essential Skills and Employability Skills 2000, Life Management Skills
  • III. Framework Development
    • Develop a draft of the new four-week training framework
    • Develop a new pedagogical framework for program delivery, including technological approaches in content and delivery frameworks
  • II. Consultation
    • Consult with facilitators about their training needs; Intern needs, and their barriers or limitations
  • V. Exemplar Module Development
    • Brainstorm, develop and selecting activities
    • Develop a draft of an exemplary module
    • Develop technological applications and connections
  • VI. Presentation and Feedback 
    • The present draft of the definitive module to the YMCA
    • Gather feedback from stakeholders
  • VII. Final Revisions
    • The final revision of the exemplar module based on stakeholder feedback plus any last changes to the four-week content and facilitator delivery frameworks (including meetings and pre-conference communications support)
  • VIII. Training
    • Preparation and delivery of training for a series of National FPSYIP conferences and webinars
    • Incorporate technology in training sessions.
  • IV. Feedback and Revision
    • Present a draft outline to stakeholders
    • Gather feedback from YMCA
    • Revise strategy based on stakeholder feedback

FOCUS on 8 Outputs

We assessed and revised the overall framework for the 4-week pre-placement training program to ensure the framework responds to the Essential Skills, Employability Skills 2000, YWCA Life Management Skills models.

  • Assess and revise the modules’ facilitators’ delivery to ensure that interns are actively engaged in their learning through the four week training period.
  • Develop an exemplar – a “model” module that serves as an example of how facilitators can initiate their process of curriculum renewal in their locations to respond to the changing local issues.
  • Seek ways to incorporate technology such as Smart Boards into the training process to help launch and sustain curriculum and facilitator renewal.
  • Conduct facilitator training in such a way as to provide the pressure and support that will encourage facilitators to move forward with new approaches in their locations.
  • Use all of these elements to facilitate program and facilitator renewal to ensure the program’s relevance and effectiveness for the current generation of interns.
  • Move towards a more consistent curriculum training model among the 22 program delivery sites.
  • Seek more sharing between facilitators to encourage and support one another in the curriculum renewal process.

The curriculum renewal initiative has been a precious process for program staff. Your coaching provides training techniques and ideas to staff. It also offers an opportunity for mentoring as experienced staff are delivering the training. 

Other unintended outcomes come out of the practice, such as solutions for problems interns, etc. Since the inception of your Webinar sessions and the Wiki, I have observed many changes in the pre-employment training workshops. – Jennifer Program Manager – NFLD


Well done, Curriculum Renewal team!


Your Progress Discussion NOTES

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