We are built upon the manifestation of our kindred spirit fostered by a desire to do what matters.

To make a difference, share our story, and improve the quality of life via one straightforward act.  

We aim to be pragmatic yet whimsical every day, embrace our diversity, foster social inclusion and have fun along the way!

Deep down inside, you know that you and others like you can build a life that matters, to develop the right kind of personal and professional relationships you deserve. 

It’s about doing what matters to LEARN - LOVE - LIVE a proud life on your terms. 

We strive to be a doer, a giver, a creator, a leader, a mentor, a collaborator and a bit of a challenger of the status quo. 

We craft stories knowing we inspire as we get inspired and connect with other kindred spirits.

Doing What Matters means summing up the courage to take a leap of faith and share things that have never been shared in public – to keep it real!

This concept of ‘keeping it real’ scares the hell out of many people (not so much me) because there is always a risk associated with ‘taking down the mask’ and exposing one’s fears, facts and stories.

Being authentic encourages others to do the same. Perhaps together, you and I can co-create relevant content that inspires others to live on their terms. 

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach , Mentoring Helps