Creating a Self-Concept that Serves Me WELL! [GR-M1]

As I contemplate the beauty of our surroundings, my friend turned to me and uttered; 

Do you know how blessed you are to have this lifestyle — Living off your 30′ sailboat in the summer, spending your days living life on your terms at peace with your sexuality. 

You have fantastic people in your life and live in one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities. 

I have unity between how I see myself, how I would like to be seen, and how others see me. 

I can routinely host a friend for dinner on my boat and appreciate the majestic red sunset off Hanlan’s Point, Late Ontario, Canada. We spend time together in an authentic state of being. I appreciate their presence, and they appreciate mine. We strive to enjoy creativity and live life on our terms. 

I have nurtured my existence to the point of often relishing in blissful appreciation of everything I have created for myself. — there is no disconnect. 

In contrast, I am keenly aware that we live in a highly polarized world of extremism and suffering.

The lifestyle may people want is not the life they have. 

The craziness of the human condition worldwide is gutwrenching to observe. While I am empathetic to others’ plight, I don’t let their situations drag me down. 

I’m keenly aware that there is perfection in imperfection. Trust me, I am far from perfect, and I experience my fair share of troubles. 

No pain, no gain is alive and well in my world. 

But my self-concept is intact. 

My world is one of peace, love and joy! I create a perception of reality that is balanced and self-determined. 

I’m keenly aware of the importance of sharing my energy, creativity and appreciation with others. –of paying it forward and yielding to good karma as a way of being.  

I’m suggesting that a healthy self-concept includes adopting a balanced self-determined, culturally creative approach to life. 

Many would consider the way I work as too easy and fun — I do make somethings look easy because I bring passion and a sense of humour to all I do. What you see is what you get!  

I’ve developed the right mix of habits and good at managing my energy and surrounding myself with good energy. 

It all boils down to my version of self-concept. One that serves me well in the absence of ego. I would describe myself and the key people in my life as highly generous, kind souls that have a lot of love to give and receive the world.

I’m often told that it’s easy to take advantage of me. My response is simple; I have you my advantage.

Why am I telling you this?

I am telling you this story to highlight the importance of developing a positive self-concept. 

I’ve said it before; If you think you’re a beautiful human being, you are. If you believe you are a piece of shit, then you are!

Your thoughts drive YOUR reality and shape a self-concept. 

I’m not suggesting you get on a rooftop and boast about what you have and who you are, but do boast to the mirror. Look deep in the eyes and feel great about the gifts and flaws our creator has granted you. 

Flaunt your quirks and laugh at your silly errors. — Why? Because in life, you’ll make far more mistakes than you’ll care to admit — so get over it! 

Focus on nurturing a magnificent self-concept.

Acknowledge your challenges, knowing that you are indeed a beautiful soul having a human experience. 

In love and pride, and joy!  

Do You Know How Blessed You Are To Have This Gay Lifestyle?