The Model of Collaboration empowers contributors to create attractive documents with rich content, including images, links, media and more.

With instant publishing, out goes the single gatekeeper and grows a thriving collaborative community.

The Collaboration Platform, our National Team, built provides an easy and secure, web-based content creation and management platform designed to be used anywhere, any time. – Dan Trepanier

Each workspace has its own designated editor(s) and its security settings. Fine-grained, flexible permission schemes guarantee that only the right people can view, contribute or publish content. Our Platform allows stakeholders to manage day-to-day operations by enabling users to track, organize and manage their activities while providing one central location to manage intellectual assets.

The solution includes social collaboration tools with wiki’s, blogs and an informative dashboard that displays what team members are working on and contributing.

As a result, team members can easily find relevant content, communicate with experts, look at past or similar projects, and keep on top of all pertinent content changes.

“In order to continue meeting or exceeding the emerging demands of key stakeholders, there needs to be a well understood and practiced way of involvement in our processes with collaboration being our most important competency. Our aim is to provide the most realistic and feasible solutions to the operational challenges and opportunities we face. We are committed to developing a model of collaborative delivery beyond what we have today, to support.” — Dan Trepanier

The platform organizes these disparate groups into logical communities of interest and provides “snapshot” views of happenings across various activities, including Internships, Essential Skills Development, news, events and much more. Users will have the ability to create new content, establish a simple profile, and engage in collaborative discussions or “sharing.”

  • For the busy CEO or manager? Our ‘community of practice’ serves as a “collaborative news portal”—giving thumbnails and snapshots of activity across the ’cause’ spectrum. (a single website to use to know “what’s going on” without having to become mired in the details)
  • For the Administrator or Facilitator? Our ‘network of networks’ is a way to connect and collaborate with other ‘Cause’ locations and personnel and share success stories and more in-depth program information by utilizing links to deeper information housed on the wiki and other sources.
  • For your CAUSE members, volunteers and participants?  With ‘shared leadership’ ‘knowledge production and transfer,’ we serve as a sort of social network revolving specifically around ‘Cause’ programs, activities and success stories nationwide. As members, we see that we are not alone in our endeavours!


The Collaborative Platform consists of a growing list of interdependent strategies resulting in a comprehensive initiative to support capacity building and encourage prosperity.

We strive to achieve greater capacity and resources to ensure our community remains healthy, relevant and vibrant. Our initiatives facilitate the appropriate processes, research and relationship building that we use to generate more resources and create greater capacity to build on our strengths.


Our collaborations framework provides several critical benefits for those with responsibilities to ensure both program and participant outcomes are realized.

  • Known acceptable practices are used to guide the pathway steps.
  • Evidence of program delivery is well documented and shared with others.
  • A process of continuous improvement is supported.
  • Quality assurance is delivered with greater consistency across multiple sites.
  • Collaborative pathways also imply cooperation and dialogue between National and Local bodies to plan and provide educational content and processes for participants. The strength of a collective path may lie in the relationships that exist between the various stakeholders.

As a result of our national dialogue, collaborators across Canada are strategically aligned and able to:

  • capture the diversity of practices, resources, experiences and ideas within our sector locally and across Canada.
  • acquire new strategic partnerships and alliances that assist in the achievement of our mandate
  • collectively solve problems that we face in our demanding field
  • evaluate a proposed strategy for pursuing new program opportunities based upon the best evidence available, innovation, and sound mission and business cases.

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