In collaborative learning, you connect with others to create something more significant, do what matters to live and work on your terms. 

Each one of us is responsible not only for learning what is offered but also for helping each other gain self-awareness and skill-development. This process creates an atmosphere of tangible success. 

Together we practice, fail and succeed until we reach our desired outcome.

On Your Terms means you get more wins through collaboration. We all gain from a kindred sense of mutual understanding and support.

We respect that each person is free to bring into their practice an attitude of life experiences.

What are the elements needed to make YOUR Collaborative Learning strategy effective?

Each of us is responsible for making some positive shifts.

5 Collaborative Learning Goals

  1. Interdependence: We rely on each other to reach a shared goal or task.
  2. Direct Interaction: We promote success via praise, encouragement, support, and mutual help.
  3. Individual Accountability: We are accountable for our work and play.
  4. Skill Development: We develop skills and garner the right balance of resources.
  5. Process Development: We model what works and adapt to our unique situations

14 Benefits when we collaborate and do what matters to live and work on our terms.

Let’s prop up and support each other as we sail through life’s challenging waters! In a collaborative environment, we aim to promote cohesiveness, coupled with a sense of free spirit and passion.

Together co-create the content and processes necessary to achieve our definition of success.

  1. Develop higher-level thinking, communication, interaction and self-management skills.
  2. Promote facilitator-learner business and familiarity.
  3. Increase content retention and enhanced self-esteem via and early and rapid progression of cumulative positive results.
  4. Meet or exceed expectations for success.
  5. Enjoy a positive attitude toward the relevant subject matter.
  6. Get active, involved in a curious program that promotes an atmosphere of cooperation and support.
  7. Connect to others to problem-solve while maintaining individual accountability.
  8. Appreciate that diversity of understanding and learning styles is encouraged.
  9. Have direct involvement in developing curriculum content and learning process that promotes innovation.
  10. Explore a solution-focused approach to problem-solving.
  11. Access critical thinking stimulated to clarify ideas through discussion and alternative perspectives.
  12. Learn how to criticize ideas, not people.
  13. Gain self-awareness and skill development with a sense of focus and purpose.
  14. Do what matters to live and work on your terms.

“Collaborative learning is not just a concept it’s a way of life — join me” – Dan Trepanier.

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