Creating a success mindset is necessary to become the best version of yourself. And it's all about setting and achieving the right goals. As a successful practitioner, you confront a barrage of competing priorities that keep you from the goals you have set for yourself. I aim to help YOU develop a success mindset.

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach, Change Your Thought Patterns

Would you like to bring more joy into your life? You have more power than you think!

Your actions, words, and everyday life are reflections of what’s going on in your mind. Get into the habit of practicing these 15 behaviours to gain control over your thoughts – and your life:

  • Acknowledge your feelings. Be honest with yourself about them.
  • Be realistic. Do you expect too much of yourself?
  • Get support. Discuss your feelings with close friends or family.
  • Put on the brakes. Tell yourself to stop the negative thinking.
  • Find silver linings. Discover something positive in each situation.
  • Know your strengths. Could you make a list and add to it regularly?
  • Accept that everyone is unique and valuable in their way.
  • Practice deep breathing whenever you need to relax
  • Set and achieve goals. Take steps toward the life you desire.
  • Refocus. Change your thoughts to positive solutions.
  • Celebrate your successes, whether they’re large or small
  • Meditate. Clear negativity and gain peace.
  • Remind yourself of your power to choose a magnificent life
  • Take time out. Refresh your thoughts with a change of scenery.
  • Choose an action that supports what’s most important to you, either in a relationship or in your life journey.