Let me ramble about my upcoming trip to Brazil and its challenges focusing on creative projects while surrounded by such beauty.

I face this challenge every day. I am surrounded by abundance and beauty: beautiful people, places and things. In December and January of 2017, I’m spent two months in Brazil with my partner. 

I want to do some writing and shoot video, so this trip was part vacation, part not a holiday (read work)

I’ll need a daily schedule, so I would wake up and focus on my morning routine.

My trip was a 60-day journey to develop new habits, write about fresh content, connect with people and produce interesting videos for YOU!

I had a LOT of fun immersing myself in Brazilian culture.

I think it’s vital to get yourself out of North America periodically, even if you can’t fully afford the trip financially. Of course, who can afford to travel long distances for months on end, but you know, I come up with a strategy. We sublet our place, and it came together. 

My partner is Brazilian, and his parents have a lovely beach house right on the Atlantic. The challenge most of the trip was to focus on my projects while surrounded by so much distracting beauty.

I have created my reality and built a life that surrounds me with beauty every day. 

Beauty makes it challenging to write amid such blissful distractions!

I’m not saying that I intend to hang out in the sun all day because I’m financially independent. I do what I do because I choose to LIVE, LOVE, LEARN a proud creative life on my terms.

It’s about providing value and always creating wherever I am in the world. To me, this is a success.

I define success in three ways.

  • I know I’m successful by how much I enjoy my creativity.
  • I know I’m successful when I share my energy with the community; however, I define the city, 
  • I know I’m successful when I am in the presence of people who appreciate me, and I understand them.

As long as I’m experiencing those three things, then I consider my day to be successful.

The video in this post was recorded back in 2017 before my trip. The post text was revised in 2020 in the past tense.  Here’s some of the transcript from that recording. 

Today, I happen to be out here on a boardwalk, and there are people all around. I’m a little self-conscious because when I start talking, and people walk by, I get rather shy in front of the camera. 

It’s like I’ve got some big secret, and I don’t want them to see me talking and recording. I don’t know why I have that hang up. It’s kind of weird. It’s something I’m going to have to work on when I’m in Brazil, and I’m walking along the beach making recordings. In Brazil, I have to worry that somebody might rob me. 

I look like that typical Gringo (that’s what you call a white guy) with a cool expensive iPhone. Apple products in Brazil are ridiculously costly.

Winters in Toronto can be chilly, which’s a problem for me because I adore warm weather and being around the water. If I end up hanging out at the beach all day and not working, then I have a discipline problem.

Suppose I end up just partying and acting as if I’m on a 60-day vacation; that’s not cool! I’ve already taken five months off in 2017 to do woodwork on my 30′ sailboat.

Taking a few months to hang out at a beach house and write is a privileged not a right. 

To be able to do what I do means that I honour that privilege, focus and produce cool stuff for my base.


Dan Trepanier 

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