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Let's Talk -- Book a session with Dan Trepanier

Let’s book a FREE Discovery Chat

So [accessally_user_fullname] you’ve signed up on DanTrep to access some results-oriented mentor coaching.

There’s a ton of content on https://member.dantrep.com, and I want to focus on the right ‘stuff’ based on your desired results.

THE FIRST 28 days of our multi-year journey together (hopefully) are critical. Our mutual aim is for you to focus on the right content (outputs) and results (success outcomes).

If you don’t get immediate gains after completing a few lessons together, you should fire me! — Yes, you heard correctly. — But then we both fail, and I won’t let that happen on my Mentor Coach Watch.

To show my appreciation for our new journey together, I am offering you a complimentary FIRST TIME DISCOVERY SESSION.

I usually charge $50 for this 20 min session. As a new client, I’m offering this session for FREE.

Although I’ve been at this for a long time, in late 2020, I implemented a new Learning Management System (LMS). — meaning it’s an ever-evolving piece of technology designed to help you track your learning objectives and sent copious notes and questions to me! — YAYYYY BRING IT ON!

But I am still fine-tuning content and want to ensure you don’t get caught in my ‘Beta-Testing weeds.” — Hence the FREE session.

A FIRST TIME DISCOVERY SESSION allows YOU and I to LEARN something about each other.

It’s structured to ensure you’re as comfortable navigating through the site as you focus on relevant content. This session is where you can ask any questions you like about developing good habits that matter. Let’s talk about the HOPES, DREAM, ASPIRATIONS and challenges you face.

I take mentoring and collaborating seriously and firmly believe that setting the right foundation will significantly enhance your journey. – Dan Trepanier

After browsing and reading a few posts on this site, pick one or two to discuss during our phone conversation.

Which topic resonates with you the most and why/how? What’s one challenge you face related to this topic?

  • Let’s dive more in-depth and consider these forward-moving steps;
  • Craft an Action plan that clearly states your goals and defines the steps you need to get there.
  • Access strategies and discover methods for overcoming the obstacles in your way.
    Notice and celebrate the shifts you will make over time.

Click here to trigger the details email, which I’ll send you.

Lot’s of love

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach , Let's book a FREE Discovery Chat

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