It’s common knowledge that today no one sits in front of a computer responding to emails 24/7.
Many of the personalized messages I send out are pre-formatted and mailed in a strategic sequence. They’re called ‘sequential autoresponders’.  Imagine a coach keeping track of hundreds or more people, at various points in their program.

The delivery of my message may be sometimes be automatic but you know you can respond in real-timeI READ every email I get!  

  • Automating certain admin functions frees my time to innovate, live-chat and lower course fees, 
  • Let’s explore the challenges I expect you will face during our work together,
  • I will inspire you to focus at a given point on the actions and solutions that matter.

My commitment is to deliver my best content, in the best order and timing, to ever new person who discovers my service. Imagine having a sequence of emails that delivers a powerful tutorial. Something you’ll find beneficial and valuable. This strategy sets the groundwork for you get an idea, product or service automatically. My autoresponders create a powerful 24/7 experience for my first or 10,000th person.

I can be 100 different places, all at once, and still maintain a focus on YOU!

My aim is to continuously reach out to you with valuable content and relevant offers (no SPAM). My systems work for you whether you’re writing, eating, sleeping, or playing with your pooch.

A plan to;

  • Share a story
  • Offer a quick tip
  • Ask a stimulating question
  • Provide a resource list
  • Deliver a case study or success story
  • and more….

Thanks for playing along! 

Dan Trepanier 🙂