Significant, measurable know-how, plus the guts to use all those talents for the betterment of the people, programs or projects he’s involved with

Dan Trepanier Personal Wellness Trainer

Boundless energy. An innovative spirit. Perpetual drive

Others commonly say that they value his work, creativity and willingness to speak truth to power as they experience his humour and strength of character.

Dan instinctively “gets” the power of online collaboration and the essential tenets of digital engagement and the social web.

In the true spirit of being a “change agent,” Dan can stickhandle through a maze of process, technology and resource constraints and come out the other side looking like roses.

He is a credit to his clients and colleagues who repeatedly say they’ve benefited immensely working side by side with him.

A Madcap Expressionist, Ribald Creative, Teacher

When it comes to Collaborations, Dan is a big fan of piloting a small-scale test project to assess the viability of a concept before committing significant capital on a larger scale.

Collaborator & Facilitator for Programs that Help People Help Themselves.

With formal and pragmatic training in social work and applied business leadership, Dan’s a proven collaborator who’s progressed through the project management and creation of multimillion-dollar, cause-driven national initiatives for the Federal Government and one of Canada’s largest charities.

As a Toronto based Freelancer, Dan sees how living in a messed up global world of exponential ‘shift’ also creates terrific opportunities to DO WHAT MATTERS to help others LIVE, LOVE, LEARN a Proud Life.

As a National Project Manager for one of Canada’s largest charities, I led the most successful National Internship Program ever – Dan Trepanier.

Our efforts translated into collaborating and coaching 100’s of staff and volunteers, guiding 13,000 Interns, 7,451 Mentors in 787 Canadian Cities, Towns, Villages, 90 Ministries, Crown Corporations, Agencies totalling $163 million in Government Funding over 14 Years — WHEW that’s a mouth full of impressive stats! 

It wasn’t easy, and we had our fair share of ups and downs!

Much of the credit to our success went to the talented professionals across Canada, the Interns and their Mentors.

The Federal Public Sector Youth Internship Program (FPSYIP) has emerged as one of the most successful YMCA National Programs ever, with over 4 out of 5 participants using the paid internship program to either find gainful employment within (or beyond) Government Service or as a springboard to pursuing higher education. 

That translates to over 13,000 Canadian youth over a 13 year period since 1997, all under 30, most of whom were non-grads, many of whom represent significantly underserved Canadian minorities, social service recipients, members of First Nations, Francophone’s and more. 

Canadian people, all… paired with more than 7,450 mentors and dozens upon dozens of YMCA facilitator’s and guest speakers spanning the entirety of our Provinces and Territories.

  • 13,000 Canadian Youth
  • 7,451 Mentors
  • 100’s YMCA Staff, Volunteers
  • 787 Canadian Cities, Towns, Villages
  • 90 Ministries, Crown Corporations, Agencies
  • $163,000,000 Government Funding in 14 Years