I read an interesting blog post about fairness and equality for gay and lesbian couples

The author of the article described how she and a colleague conducted a study about same-sex relationships (LGBTQ).


They wanted the participants to share their insights on equality and fairness in a relationship.

They did a thought-provoking study, which can be expanded into a broader discussion, hence this article.

  • Don’t Be the One Who’s Always “Right.”
  • Be Tolerant
  • Give and Take Equally
  • Be Fair
  • Take Responsibility
5 Things Fairness and Equality in a Same Sex Relationship Really Mean?

Don’t Be the One Who’s Always “Right.”

People who think they are always right can be annoying to be around. 

If you’re one of those people who always think you’re right, perhaps you should consider stepping back to rethink the impact your communication style is having on your relationships and friendships. 

Be Tolerant

Tolerance means accepting the strengths and flaws you and your partner possess as individuals. 

Patience is about forgiveness and acknowledging when you wrong. 

We often forget that we’re all human and that emotions can drive us in challenging directions.

Be present with your tolerance. 


Give and Take Equally

You give and receive love –that’s how things work. You can’t expect to receive everything when you give nothing.

Equality can be more comfortable to achieve when we don’t get caught up in traditional gender roles. 

Be Fair

After you’ve fought, the natural thing to do is work something out. That is tricky because you both have to be fair, admit if you were wrong, apologize and then assess things the right way.

There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do things because our relationships are unique. What we can do is make sure that we play fair. 

Take Responsibility

We all have those days when we feel frustrated, angry, moody, sad even. When we get home, we tend to release all this negative energy on others, who may have done nothing wrong. 

Talking about your feelings honestly and directly is an essential skill for good relationships. The aim is to create a state of joy and safety. Don’t let your overly negative emotions cloud your sense of taking responsibility for ‘your own stuff.’

Fairness and equality represent much more than who is in charge of a relationship, cleans the house or takes out the trash.

Ultimately, it all comes down to committing to the person you’re with and vice-versa. You respect them by playing fair and by treating them as equal.

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