There are plenty of aspects that define a healthy LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Questioning) Relationships, and I would say that the most important one is mutual respect.

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach, 5 Relationship Rules To LIVE By

It doesn’t matter if you’re dating someone, having a boyfriend, a spouse, or having a friend with benefits.

The same rule applies to all kinds of relationships: Respect the other person. In this article, I tackle the topic of mutual respect and expand on a few points. Let’s get started.

5 Relationship Rules To LIVE By

  1. Accept and Learn from the Mistakes Your Partner Makes
  2. Respect Boundaries
  3. Learn to Say “No” at the Right Time
  4. Don’t Try to Change or Control Your Partner
  5. Acknowledge the Qualities of Your Partner


Is Mutual Respect a Part of Your Relationship?

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The Importance of Mutual Respect in a Healthy Relationship

1) Accept and Learn from the Mistakes Your Partner Makes

We’re humans. We’re not perfect, nor will we ever be, and that’s something we need to accept sooner or later. Every mistake that we make in this life or that the people in our life make can help us grow. The only condition is to be willing to learn from it.

Has your partner been hiding something from you because he was afraid that you would judge him? We’ve all probably done that at some point during our lives, but it’s not healthy. The key here is open communication, which will, in turn, lead to respecting one another.

2) Respect Boundaries

Boundaries are such a delicate topic to discuss mainly because they are easy to cross. What I define as boundaries will not necessarily apply to you as well.

Some people like to keep aspects of their life more private than others. Boundaries can refer to their past, their habits, their relationships even. Is your partner not comfortable talking about previous sexual experiences or relationships? 

That’s fine. You don’t need to know all of that as long as mutual respect is dominant.

3) Learn to Say “No” at the Right Time

We all have those days when we feel like saying “No” to everything. Maybe you don’t feel like going out one night, but your partner wants to. Or perhaps they want to be intimate with you one night, but your mind is in a million different places.

Saying “No” to your partner can be challenging, no matter the case. Nevertheless, you should never feel guilty about it. If you do feel that way, then perhaps you should reevaluate your relationship.

4) Don’t Try to Change or Control Your Partner

Controlling relationships are the worst. Is your partner trying to change your opinions, question your decisions or make you agree with him on everything he says? Then it’s obvious that there’s no proof of mutual respect.

As human beings, no matter our orientation, we will have different opinions than other people. Someone who doesn’t respect that does not deserve to be with you.

5) Acknowledge the Qualities of Your Partner

When was the last time you told your partner, “Hey, you’re incredible. Did you know that?”. I’m assuming that the answer will be “Right now.” You can pause reading this article for a few minutes and tell him that.

Let’s take this one step further. Make a habit out of acknowledging the greatness of your partner. After all, that’s why you’re with him, and he should know that.


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