To create, give, connect, belong, and find meaning is crucial for building the life that matters. 

Did you know that your life is an hourglass that measures the amount of time you spent embracing your core human needs?

Sometimes, personal growth means seizing the right moments. 

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach , Embrace YOUR 5 Core Human Needs

YOU and I need to grow in mind, body, and spirit. To feel significant and contribute to life’s quality. To belong and connect with others.

“We are all built upon the Five Core Human Needs, which is something deep we all have in common.” – Dan Trepanier

How you fulfill needs are limitless. Conscious and subconscious behaviour drives your desire to meet your needs: GROW in mind, body, and spirit, feel SIGNIFICANT and CONTRIBUTE. To do what matters and make a difference. A validation that you are appreciated. The need for CONNECTION and BELONGING. We belong when we connect.

“Life is an ongoing process of choosing between safety. Out of fear and need for defence and risk. For the sake of progress and growth” -Maslow.

I want you to contemplate these five power questions. Ask yourself, IS THERE A VOID SOMEWHERE, and WHAT CAN I DO TO FILL THAT VOID? 

  1. What can/are you do/doing to develop your mind, body, or spirit today/this week? [GROWTH]
  2. Did you freely and authentically express to others something positive that has significant meaning in your life today? [SIGNIFICANCE]
  3. Did you contribute TIME, TALENT, or TREASURE to someone in need today? [CONTRIBUTION]
  4. Do you feel connected to persons, places, or things whereby safety, honesty, and expression are real?
  5. Do you have a grounded sense of belonging, as an equal?

Happiness is fostered by a daily NEED for Growth, Significance, Contribution, Connection and Belonging, in a resourceful and positive way – Dan Trepanier.  

“If we aren’t growing, we’re dying,” – Tony Robbins.

We all need to grow and contribute beyond ourselves in a meaningful way continually.

  • What happens if you aren’t growing? What purpose do you have if you cease to grow as a person?
  • If you don’t grow, how can you expect to find significance, contribute, and connect with someone on a meaningful level?
  • Make personal growth a part of your daily routine.

Life isn’t significant, except for its impact on other lives.” – Jackie Robinson

Having or Expressing a Meaning

The need to feel important, needed, and unique is the first element. Significance fuels our sense of direction and achievement and manifests itself in several ways.

One man’s road to significance leads him to shop until he drops. Yet another man’s path takes him to a local youth hostel to volunteer and support others every weekend.

One guy feels significance flashing his money around at a club. In contrast, his buddy escorts a drunk patron home. Two friends with different actions, both are fulfilling a need for significance.

“When you cease to make a contribution you die” – Eleanor Roosevelt

We will never become our ideal selves without a profound sense of contribution.

  • What is life without contribution?
  • Can you imagine your life without the feeling of giving, caring for, or protecting?
  • Can you imagine not receiving the gift of contribution?

“Deep down inside you know that you and others like you have the capacity to build a life that matters. To develop the right kind of personal and professional relationships you deserve.” – Dan Trepanier

Can you name or describe a feeling better than cuddling up to your significant other or beloved pet? The closeness and connection you share? Or the bellyache you get after so much laughter with friends who ‘get’ you?

What’s one beautiful (kind) thing you did last week and one beautiful thing you will do this week? 

Love Life Do What Matters with random acts of Kindness. Join the conversation and share examples of your random act of kindness – Dan Trepanier 

Kindness creates happiness and builds goodwill with friends. 

YOU mentor me or I mentor you? Either way, let’s set our egos aside, switch it up, and reap the rewards from our collaborative learning process. The benefits of mentoring are many, and vary from relationship to relationship.


“There’s no place like home” – The Wizard of OZ

The need to belong is primal. When you belong to something, you feel that sense that your part of something bigger. 

That belief you’re connected.

Where do you get your sense of belonging? Is it through religion, family, community, relationships, friends, online?

The subject of basic human needs and emotions is rich with perspective. Take the time to explore what a few experts in the field are saying.


We are built upon the manifestation of our kindred spirit fostered by a desire to do what matters.

To make a difference, share our story, and improve the quality of life via one straightforward act.  

We aim to be pragmatic yet whimsical every day, embrace our diversity, foster social inclusion and have fun along the way!

Deep down inside, you know that you and others like you can build a life that matters, to develop the right kind of personal and professional relationships you deserve. 

It’s about doing what matters to LEARN - LOVE - LIVE a proud life on your terms. 

We strive to be a doer, a giver, a creator, a leader, a mentor, a collaborator and a bit of a challenger of the status quo. 

We craft stories knowing we inspire as we get inspired and connect with other kindred spirits.

Doing What Matters means summing up the courage to take a leap of faith and share things that have never been shared in public – to keep it real!

This concept of ‘keeping it real’ scares the hell out of many people (not so much me) because there is always a risk associated with ‘taking down the mask’ and exposing one’s fears, facts and stories.

Being authentic encourages others to do the same. Perhaps together, you and I can co-create relevant content that inspires others to live on their terms. 

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach , Mentoring Helps

Satisfy Your Five Core Human Needs

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