"There is perfection in imperfection."

Dan Trepanier

Mentor Coach , 3 Simple Ways To STOP Insisting On Perfection

When you over-analyze a situation for too long, you start believing you are your problem. Maybe you say ‘that’s just who I am’ Perhaps it’s time for a change of attitude – for more confidence?

Stop looking for the perfect solution. Perfectionism is when you fix or repeat an action until you reach the perceived ideal result.



1) Get into the habit of making quick decisions on the little things that matter.

It can be as simple as choosing a restaurant or what to wear on a date. Your first task is to find a good enough solution and give up on searching for the ideal outcome. As you gain confidence in your decisiveness, practice being decisive on more significant issues. 

Make a list of priorities. Just make the dam list -lol

2) Do not exclude feelings!

People believe that the decision-making process is rational. While logical thought is a factor, so it is a subjective emotion. Feelings help us when we’re faced with too many options. Your intuition plays a big part in this process.

3) Try making decisions on your own without always seeking a second opinion.

As I have said before, we often look for advice when we already know what to do, but we are not brave enough to do it. I am not saying you should reject the opinions of your friends. You should delay them. Listen to what your feelings tell you about various options before consulting with others.