No one else has ever walked in your footsteps, or ever will.

Expose yourself to new experiences that expand your comfort zone. – This is how you discover your hidden talents!


19 Ways

  1. Watch documentaries and read biographies about people who overcome adversity. – They are your source of inspiration!
  2. Society often pressures us to follow a particular path. Don’t let other people’s narratives on how to live dictate yours. – Identify the distractions that drain your energy and get back on course!
  3. Nurture your passions, creativity and innate talents!
  4. Understand your why so you can live and work on your terms. Being in tune with WHY others do what they will help you inspire them to action. – Knowing WHY you do what you do is critical to your motivation!
  5. Comparisons set you up for feeling better or worse than someone else – Stop competing with others! 
  6. Blaze your trail and believe you are as gifted as the Beatles, Madonna, Lady Gaga, or whoever you admire!
  7. You are a spiritual being having human experiences – Not the other way around!
  8. Examine your assumptions about what is possible and expose yourself to new experiences. – This is how you discover your hidden talents!
  9. Trust that serendipity will attract the right people and resources into your life!
  10. Prepare to make sacrifices. When the road to your dreams sucks, do you quit? – Of course not!
  11. Chances are, academia tried to teach you in a way that was not ideal for your learning. – Get over it and keep learning in new ways that bring out the best in you!
  12. True satisfaction comes from forging meaningful connections with like-minded and like-spirited people. – Share your ideas and collaborate with others from different cultures!
  13. A shift from tolerating to celebrating diversity and social inclusion. If you don’t believe in gay marriage, don’t marry a gay person — simple!
  14. Lose all sense of time. This is a clue that you have tapped into happiness. – Get lost often!
  15. Use the money to improve the quality of your life and the lives of those around you!
  16. Break the cycle of being miserable at work. – That means fewer distractions designed to meet a need not met through an un-fulfilled life or job!
  17. Forgive your boss if he/she acts like a ‘knob.’ – their kind soul is likely lost in corporate bullshit!
  18. You can have your cake and eat it too — Contrary to what your mother told you!
  19. Give yourself permission to live and work on your terms. This includes doing what matters to nurture your passions, creativity and innate talents.

This makes you a one of a kind person with a unique genetic makeup! – Dan Trepanier