I enjoy my creativity; however, producing new and provocative content can be mentally and emotionally invigorating yet exhausting at the same time. — Do you agree? 

“For a professional, a creative block isn’t just annoying – it’s potentially career-damaging. When you rely on your creativity to grow your brand and pay the bills, you can’t afford to be shy of energy or ideas that create tangible end results.” – Dan Trepanier 

You spend hours, even days working on a process to garner a piece of insight that will spawn to become a brilliant work that resonates with your followers. 

When you talk about and share your challenges with others, you soon realize that you are not alone.

It’sIt’s easy to get distracted and zone out to music, a favourite app or ”busy work”, but gaining the discipline to keep at it will eventually pay off and become a habit.

Here are three other blog posts I found with content that may inspire you and offer solutions.